Junior Secondary School (JSS) Placement of Online Results

By | July 31, 2022

Junior Secondary School (JSS) Placement Results 2022/2023; KPSEA 2022 Grade 6 Learners to Join Junior Secondary School at Grade 7 by February 2023

Over 1.2 Million Grade 6 Learners Sit for KPSEA 2022 Knec National Tests

Over 1.2 million learners will in November 2022 sit for their summative Kenya Primary School Education Assessment, KPSEA 2022, a national test that will account for 40% of their final score.

KPSEA is a newly introduced term in the Kenyan education sector that stands for a summative test introduced by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Kenya National Examinations Council that refers to a multiple-answer question conducted at the end of a Kenyan learners’ upper primary education at Grade 6 level that enables him or her transit to junior secondary school for a more diversified Competency-Based Curriculum.

According to the latest statistics released by the Ministry of Education at our disposal, a total of 2, 512, 467 learners will join secondary schools in accordance with the 100 percent transition policy set by the government. Out of these, 1, 268, 830 learners are currently enrolled in Grade six but they will join day junior secondary schools in Grade 7 under the new Competency-Based Curriculum in January 2023.

A total of 1, 243,637 learners will; concurrently join secondary schools to continue with the 8-4-4 curriculum after sitting for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE 2022, national examinations.

KPSEA 2022 Knec Timetable

The council has already dispatched 2022 KPSEA timetables to all primary schools. Click here to download the timetable.

KPSEA 2022 Assessment Dates

In the pioneer Competency-Based Curriculum, CBC, learners will therefore sit for their summative examination between November 28, 2022, and November 30, 2022.

According to KNEC, KPSEA will carry up to a maximum of 40 marks. It is aimed at ensuring that all learners currently in grade six transit to grade 7, in junior secondary schools in January 2023.


Just like its predecessor, KPSEA candidates will also have one day for rehearsal. The official date for the 2022 KPSEA rehearsal has been set for November 25, 2022.

KPSEA 2022/2023; Number of subjects

Coincidentally, the 2022 KPSEA candidates will still sit for five subjects that encompass Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Integrated Science, and creative art and social studies.

KPSEA 2022 pilot examinations Dates and Timetable

Kindly note that KNEC will conduct a pilot test for KPSEA national examinations in September 2022.

The official dates for KPSEA 2022 pilot tests have been set between September 28 and September 30, 2022.

KPSEA 2022 Knec Contracted Professionals

Unlike in KCPE national tests, KNEC will neither deploy teachers to man nor mark KPSEA candidates’ scripts.

All KPSEA 2022 candidates’ scripts will be marked by Optical Marker Reader, OMR, machines.

This, therefore, means that the 2022 KPEA KNEC results will be released in December 2022, before the official release of the 2022 KCPE national examinations.

KPSEA 2022 Candidates to Report to Secondary Schools by February 2023

All KPSEA 2022 candidates will join junior secondary schools as per the 100 percent transition policy by early February next year. Grade 6 learners have already applied for selection to junior secondary schools.

Junior Secondary School Placement Criteria for 2022 KPSEA Candidates

Since the government expects junior secondary school learners to commute from their homes, some of the selection criteria for junior secondary school placement encompass; proximity to junior secondary schools, performance in KPSEA and School Based Assessment, SBA, and elective/optional subjects selected by the learner. Each junior secondary school learner is expected to pick at least 1 optional subject from the list provided below;

List of Optional Subjects Offered in Junior Secondary Schools (Minimum-1, Maximum-2)

  1. Foreign languages- Mandarin, French, Indigenous/ local languages, German, Arabic, and Kenya Sign Language, KSL
  2. Computer Science
  3. Home Science
  4. Visual Arts
  5. Performing Arts

KPSEA 2022 Junior Secondary Placement Results

Once the education ministry completes the process of selecting and placing learners in Junior Secondary Schools, KPSEA 2022 candidates can access their grade 7 placement results by sending their KNEC assessment numbers to 22263.