IEBC Complete Guide on Voting Process

By | August 7, 2022

IEBC guide on voting process – You must know this

Important information as you go to vote

Don’t wear a cloth having an image of any candidate. Put on neutral clothes.

During voting ensure you have the right ballot papers that have an IEBC stamp at the back top- center. Only stamped ballot papers will be counted as valid.

When marking you are only allowed to use the following marks:

🔹Tick (✓)
🔹An x (X)

Only mark within the box and don’t extent beyond the margin.

Don’t interfere with the candidate you are not interested with hata kama hautaki kumwona
All voters MUST have his/her Original ID /Valid Kenyan Passport. The one you used to register as a voter.
Observe the ballot paper poster sample outside the door before you get in.


1.Presidential – will be white in color
2.MNA (MP) – will be Green in colour
3.MCA – Will be beige in color
4.Senator – will be yellow in colour
5.CWMNA (Women rep) – will be purple in color
6.Governor – will be blue in color

The color of the ballot box will correspond with the ballot papers. Place the right ballot paper in the right Box.

The above is also a sequence followed when counting at the polling stations countrywide.

After dropping your ballot papers, you’ll be marked on your finger before leaving the polling station.

May we all exercise our democratic right as we keep Peace.

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