How To Transfer From One University To Another In Kenya

How To Transfer From One University To Another In Kenya

In this article Keweb. co tries to answer the question by publishing the ways one can Transfer From One University To Another in Kenya

Below are the most helpful ways to Transfer From One University To Another in Kenya

KUCCPS Inter University Transfer Procedure

  1. Log in with your index number, KCSE year, and birth certificate number.
  2. Navigate to the Inter-institution transfer link under Applications.
  3. Fill in the online inter-institution transfer form.
  4. Download and print the completed form.
  5. Have the form endorsed both at the institution where you wish to transfer to than where you have been placed.
  6. Submit the forms to the Placement Service for final approval and validation.

How to apply for KUCCPS Inter-University Transfer

  1. Applications for inter-university transfer are usually done through the KUCCPS student’s application portal. ( )  Interested applicants will be required to log in to the student’s portal to initiate the application
  2. For one to be eligible for transfer, the Placement Service must have placed the applicant to the programme she is seeking a transfer from.
  3. One will only be able to apply to transfer to a course whose minimum requirements one meets.
  4. Applicants to degree programmes must meet the applicable cut-off point for their respective placement year.
  5. The programme applied to must have been on offer in the year the applicant was placed.
  6. An applicant may only apply to transfer to one programme.
  7. An applicant shall only transfer once for the duration of the programme placed.
  8. The applicant may view the available programmes and their requirements by clicking the Programmes tab above and can search for courses by institution, using the Institutions tab above. 
  9. Once the applicant has settled on a preferred programme, only the 7-Character Programme Code will be required.
  10. To apply, use the transfer applications tab and follow the instructions provided.
  11. An application-processing fee of Ksh1,000 is charged per application.
    1. A prompt for the M-PESA transaction code will appear at the point of submission. Please keep the transaction code safe as it may be required again.
    2. CAUTION! Do not make any payment before the applicant has been prompted or after the application deadline has passed!
  12. Once one has made an application for transfer, the applicant may monitor the progress of their application via the student’s portal.
  13. Where NOT Approved, then the candidate will be retained in the course placed in.
  14. Merit will be used as a criterion for transfer and all applicants to a particular course will be ranked in order of merit and will be allocated the vacant position on merit.
  15. Applicants are cautioned against sending money to any individual posing on social media or any other platform purporting to be in a position to assist them.  The Placement Service does not require applicants to send money to any mobile phone numbers

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KUCCPS Inter University Transfer Guidelines

There are various requirements that have to be met before you start this process of Inter-University Transfer.

  1. You have to meet the cut-off points for the course in the University you want to transfer to.
  2. Find out if there is still an open vacancy for you in your destination university.
  3. You must get an approval from the university or college you want to join so that enough reasons can be sought as to why you want to transfer like medical or socio-economic grounds.

After verifying the above then;

  1. The applicants should log in to the student portal to initiate the application.
  2. Applicants should pay the transfer application fee after successfully completing the necessary steps in the application process. You are not supposed to make any prior payment.
  3. The application fee MUST only be made to the Placement Service via M-Pesa Pay Bill No. 820201.
  4. No payment should be made to any individual posing on social media or any other platform claiming to offer assistance regarding KUCCPS procedures.
  5. The application form must be presented to, signed and stamped by the heads of the respective Universities or Colleges after completing, downloading, and printing.

The transfer will not be granted if you have lower grades than what the course requires.

Inter-university transfer is the process of withholding the admission that you earlier had with a particular school and then moving to another school to continue your studies.