How To Tender In Kenya

How To Tender In Kenya

In this article Keweb. co tries to answer the question by publishing the ways one can Tender in Kenya

Below are the most helpful ways to Tender in Kenya

1.Have a registered business

First, ensure you own a registered business entity that is tax compliant and has physical offices. The best company to register in Kenya for tendering is either a partnership or a limited company.

2.Have the needed documents

Once a tender has been advertised on News Papers and company websites, make sure you have all the required documents, from the respective companies, and fill in the details required as per instructions. Remember to pay attention to details because if you miss filling in a section, your application will be rejected outright.

3. Ensure you’re registered within a certain body

Some contracts may require registration with bodies such as NEMA, National Construction Authority (NCA) for construction, the Energy Regulation Commission (ERC) for electrical contracts and works, and The Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK). This will however depend on the field your company operates from. If you have applied for a tender involving Environmental Impact Assessment then you must be registered with NEMA.

4. Make sure you’ve complied with all statutory requirements

Statutory requirements for the tender application are a Business registration certificate, PIN certificate, Business permit, Tax compliance certificate, and filled tender document. If you bought a tender, you must attach a copy of the receipt.

5. Find the optimal value for the tender

The most important point to note is that most companies award tenders to the lowest bidders. Before you quote a figure, ensure you have done your background research to determine the optimal value of the tender.

6. Finally

Finally, ensure you return fully filled application, accompanied by copies of the Business registration certificate, PIN certificate, Business permit, Tax compliance certificate, and technical and financial proposals.

Which site is best for tenders in Kenya?

TendersOnTime is the best tender website for Kenya’s public procurement and other various such opportunities. Though, we cover all industry segments in Kenya’s Public procurement domain, some of the main sectors are as below: Kenya construction tenders. Kenya security tenders.

How to apply for tenders online in Kenya?

To access the tenders click “E-Tender” under the main menu bar to the left. Login using Company PIN No. and Password you got from Competition Authority of Kenya NB/ Your company info must be 100% complete to be allowed to log in to access your tenders. Click My Tenders.