How To Sell Onions In Kenya

How To Sell Onions In Kenya

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The onion business in Kenya is growing rapidly. The country produces about 20,000 metric tons of onions a year and exports most of them to neighboring countries. Onion imports have also increased as demand for these vegetables continues to grow. Here is a closer look at the onion business in Kenya and some of the factors that are driving it forward.

The onion business is a worthwhile venture because it is used in daily meals as a popular ingredient by many Kenyans and it is possible to grow onions throughout the year. Onions also provide nutritional benefits and vitamins.

How to Start an Onion Business in Kenya?

The onion business is a lucrative business for those who are willing to research, perfect the art, maximize the production to reduce the cost per unit and save money and time.

The following is how you can start an onion business in Kenya:

1. Do Research on Onions

Before starting a business, you require to do market research on the demand and supply of the onion in whichever area you want to do business. For instance, in the Nyanza region, onion production is non-existing, so it is suitable to start the business because demand is high.

2. Have Capital 

Beginners of businesses are required to have capital before the business, either from personal savings or loans from banks. The capital required depends on the quantity of onions you want to sell and location. You also need a store to stock onions and a license to operate the business.

3. Draw Business Plan 

For you to start an onion business, you need to come up with a plan that helps you run the business with the given direction and proper estimation to avoid losses in the business.

4. Set Up Business 

Once you have done the research, outlined the plans, and have capital, you are good to set up the business. Just ensure the location is good for the onion business to maximize profits.

The onion business can be profitable depending on proper market identification, proper planning for labour, especially during transplanting and weeding, good post-harvest handling procedures, and when you take your onion produce to the market.

The onion business is easy and simple to start; therefore, it is highly profitable and a good way to earn money because it is a commonly used ingredient in cooking.

5 Advantages of Onions Business

The following are five advantages of the onion business in Kenya:

1. You can make good profits in a short time because of demand and the value of onions in the market is good.

2. It is an established business, so you don’t have to worry about starting and operating it. You will be able to find onion farmers within the market to supply onions.

3. It doesn’t require a high investment and you can get back what you invested within a short period of time.

4. It is a source of employment for many people, especially rural people because it is a profitable business.

5. Onions are a popular product in the market, so there is no worry about marketing this product.

Is Selling Onions Profitable in Kenya?

Selling of onions in Kenya is profitable because they depend on a post-harvest market every day since onions are an ingredient used to make some daily meals. 

Onions are sold in every part of Kenya since they are used daily. The best places to sell onions in Kenya are the marketplace and supermarkets.

The market for onions includes both urban and rural areas, and some are even exported. Some of the fresh produce onion markets in Kenya include Nairobi, Naivasha, Kajiando, Meru, Oloitoktok, Karatina, and Emali. The viable markets for onions aside from the fresh produce market are institutions, hotels and restaurants, and primary and secondary schools.

How Much is 1 kg of Onions in Kenya?

The price of 1 kg of onions varies with the market price and demand for onions in Kenya. The price of onions in the market will depend on the type of onion and the season of the year. Onions are measured in different quantities in the market.

For instance, one kilo of onions ranges from Ksh. 40 to Ksh. 70 depending on where you are selling your onions and can go higher when there is a shortage of onions in the market, and one kilo of spring onions is Ksh. 15.

Onions are sold by different farmers in bulk at diverse prices depending on the market prices and demand for onions.

How Much is a Bag of Onions in Kenya?

A bag of onions in Kenya is sold at different prices depending on where you are selling it since different farmers sell it at different prices per kilo.

A bag weighing 13 kg of dry onions costs between Ksh. 850 and Ksh. 1,050 in different places in Kenya.

Best Time to Plant Onions in Kenya

The profitability of growing onions in Kenya will depend on the time of the year and when you get your product to the market.

The best time to grow onions to get more profits is during short rains, such that harvesting is done in January and February. During this period, there is a limited supply of onions in the market; hence, there is an increase in the cost of onions; therefore, getting more profits when demand is high and there is little suppy