How To Register For Covid Vaccine In Kenya

This online registration system, serve as a mechanism for applicants to register for COVID-19 Vaccination program. This registration assists the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) to plan and coordinate the COVID-19 vaccination roll out.

The Kenya Covid-19 Vaccination Registration allows you to view details such as date of birth, identification information and contact information.

How To Register For Covid Vaccine In Kenya

Website URL:

  1. Go to

Registration method:

  1. “Register By Birth Registration Number (BRN)” – Click here if you are born in Fiji and have your Birth
  2. “Register By Citizen Certificate Number (CCN)” – Click here if you are not born in Fiji however are Fijian

Register by BRN

  1. Please enter your Birth Registration Number (BRN) with your Date of Birth as stated in your Birth Certificate.
    • “BRN number”. E.g. 1000111.
    • “Date of Birth (DOB)”. E.g. Format is Day/Month/Year.
  2. Click on the “Search” button to search for your record.

This section cannot be edited. You may need to contact BDM if any details are populated

Click on Instructions for registration using BRN link for step by step guidance.

Registration Form

Vaccine registration form will be displayed to capture necessary health details for the purpose of administering the
COVID-19 vaccination.

Birth Registration Details
This section will populate all information as stated on your birth certificate.

  1. “Birth Registration Details”- This section populates the following personal details from your birth certificate:
    • Birth Registration Number (BRN)
    • Given Name
    • Surname
    • Date of Birth
    • Age
    • Gender

    This section cannot be edited. The applicant may need to contact BDM if any details are
    populated incorrectly.

Personal Information
This section captures contact details for the purpose of future communication.

  1. Please enter your “Contact Number”.
    E.g. 1234567

    Contact number is used to communicate e.g. SMS reminders.
  2. Please enter your “Email Address”.
  3. Please enter your “Next of kin Full Name”.
    E.g. Family or Partner or any close relatives or friends name.
  4. Please enter your “Next of kin Phone contact”.
    E.g. 1234567

    ‘Next of Kin information’ is used to contact you, if your contact number is not available in case of

Select Marital Status

  1. Please select your current “Marital Status”.
    A dropdown list of status will be available to select from:
    • Single
    • Married
    • Divorced
    • Separated
    • Defacto
    • Widowed

    Only one option can be selected from the list provided

Address Information
This section captures applicants address details.

  1. Select your ‘Nearest Health Facility’ from the drop list.

    Only one option can be selected from the list provided.
  2. Enter either your ‘Flat number’, ‘House number’, and ‘Street name’.
    E.g. Lot 5, Wanivula Rd.

    This is an optional field.
  3. Enter either your ‘Settlement’ or ‘Area’ or ‘Koro’.
    E.g. Suva.

    This is a required field.

Medical Iinformation
This section captures applicant’s medical details.

Enter your ‘National Health Number (NHN)’.

  1. Please select ‘Any Existing medical condition(s)’ if you have any.

    Applicant can select none or more than one medical conditions from the dropdown list provided:
    •Heart problem (Rheumatic Heart Disease, Bypass, Valve or heart Surgery, Pacemaker
    •Immunocompromised (Cancer, Organ Transplant, Chemotherapy, Dialysis)
  2. Select “Others” if you have other medical conditions which are not provided in the list.

    This is a required field to provide if “others” is selected.

Self-Health Assessment
A health self-assessment gathers the vital information of your health history to assess your medical

  1. Select either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
    • Select ‘Yes’ if you attend clinic regularly.
    • Select ‘No’ if you do not attend clinic regularly.
  2. Additional health related questions.

    Other health related questions are optional to answer.

Occupattion Details
This section captures the area of employment.

Select applicants working “sector Type”.
“Working sector” field will be editable if applicant selected sector type as either “Private” or

  1. Select “Personal Income Status”

    This is optional for the applicant to provide.

Identifiction Card Details
This section captures identity information of an applicant for verification purpose.

  1. Select your “ID Card Type”.

    Select “ID type” before uploading Photo ID.
  2. Please enter your “ID Card Number”.
  3. Click on “Select files” and upload your Valid ID Card.

    This is mandatory for the applicant to provide.

File upload.
I. File upload successful:
• File name will be displayed in green color.

II. File upload fail:
• File name will be displayed in red color.

  1. Are you looking forward to getting vaccinated for COVID-19:
    Please select either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
  2. I, hereby confirm that the information provided herein are accurate, correct and complete.

    Please check all the information you have entered before checking the declaration box.

    This is mandatory for the applicant to provide.