How To Put Caution On A Land In Kenya

How To Put Caution On A Land In Kenya

In this article Keweb. co tries to answer the question by publishing the ways one can Put Caution On A Land in Kenya

Below are the most helpful ways to Put Caution On Land in Kenya


  1. Caution application form (3 originals)

2. Letter from area chief (copy)

3. PIN certificate (copy)

4. Identity card

5. Passport (original)

How much does land caution cost in Kenya?

A land search costs Ksh 500 and can be paid using M-PESA, a Credit card, or a debit card. All landowners are expected to register their contact details with the ministry of land by inputting their full names, ID number, and Title Deed number into the digital platform.

How do I register a caution for my property?

A caution against first registration is lodged using Form CT1. The cautioner must state the nature of their interest and include sufficient details to clearly identify the land to which the caution relates on the OS map.

How do I file a caution in Kenya?

  1. The prescribed form (Form R.L. 22)
  2. An affidavit explaining the interest of the person putting a caveat on the land.
  3. A copy of the title deed (or the title deed number)
  4. The prescribed fee.

What is caution and restriction in Kenya?

Cautions or caveats are temporary restraints that are lodged with the Registrar of Lands by people forbidding the transactions. Cautioners must prove that they are entitled to interests in the disputed property whose transfer they seek to forbid.