How To Put A Caveat On A Vehicle In Kenya

How To Put A Caveat On A Vehicle In Kenya

In this article Keweb. co tries to answer the question by publishing the ways one can Caveat On A Vehicle in Kenya

Below are the most helpful ways to Caveat On A Vehicle in Kenya

Step 1

The Applicant must have in his/her possession two sets of embossed caveat documents duly witnessed by an Advocate signed by the person who is placing the caveat (Deponent) and dated, Statutory Declaration signed by the Deponent & a Commissioner for Oaths and two Passport photographs of the person placing the Caveat.

Step 2

The Applicant presents the full set of original documents and a photocopy of the same, to the Department of Land Registration for processing.

The Photocopy is stamped ‘Received’ and returned to the Applicant.

Documents required: Caveat, Affidavit, set of Passport photographs, and General receipts of Payment.

Fees paid: Stamp duty- 20,000/= and Registration fees – 10,000/=.

What does vehicle under caveat mean in Kenya?

This is a process where a taxpayer puts a restriction on/in the registration book and vehicle register hindering the rendering of service until there is consent or agreement from the parties concerned through the URA web portal.

How do you write a caveat?

Documents Required

  1. Caveat petition signed by the caveator.
  2. Index.
  3. Cause Title And Case Number.
  4. Name of The Court Appealed From.
  5. Date of Impugned Judgment.
  6. Designation of The Authority.
  7. Memo of Appearance.
  8. When an advocate represents a caveator, the advocate can sign the petition and attach the vakalatnama to it.