How To Pay For Inbuilt Decoder Channels In Kenya

One of the most significant benefits of satellite TV is the extensive channel selection. If you have only one receiver box, however, you may feel limited in where you can watch the shows in your package.

 How To Pay For Inbuilt Decoder Channels In Kenya

  • Navigate to the downloads page
  • On provided links, download dtb firmware unscrambler.
  • Copy the file to USB flash drive or memory card
  • On your decoder Go to Settings>Software update via usb>Okay
  • Now that you have ‘paid’ for inbuilt decoder channels, it’s that simple to enjoy unlimited access to all international channels.

How To Remove The Envelop From Your DSTV TV Screen

Follow the steps below to remove the message envelopes from your DStv screen.

  • On the remote control, press MENU.
  • Browse through until you see MAIL or MESSAGES.
  • Press the OK button to enter until you see the message environment.

At this point, you would also see the message count at the bottom of the screen. it usually appears in this format X/Y, where X is the number of unread messages. Y stands for the total number of messages in the inbox.

To start deleting the messages and consequently the envelope;

  • Press the right directional button of the 4 central buttons. Be careful to note that the number of mails keeps decreasing the message count. This happens progressively as the right corner button is pressed. The mail envelope finally disappears as the last mail message is deleted from the DStv decoder.
  • The above procedure is applicable to all DStv decoder models. Therefore no matter what type of DStv decoder you may have, removing screen mail envelopes has now become easy.