How To Earn Money Online In Kenya

How To Earn Money Online In Kenya

In this article Keweb. co tries to answer the question by publishing the ways one can Earn Money Online in Kenya

Below are the most helpful ways to Earn Money Online in Kenya

1. Start a Successful Blog

Blogging is one of the easiest ways of making money online in Kenya. If you’re passionate about a particular topic and love creating content, starting a money-making blog could be your best fit. You can write about your interests, such as travel, food, music, fitness, finance, and more, and earn by helping others who share your passions.

When I started this blog, I had no intention of making money – it was just a platform to share my travel experiences around Africa. With time the blog gained traction, and I was able to monetize it.

How to Make Money in Kenya Blogging

There are several ways you can make money blogging in Kenya. Here are a few which I like most.

  • Selling advertisement spaces (e.g., Google Adsense or Ezoic)
  • Becoming an Affiliate (e.g.,
  • Selling a Product or Service (e.g., eBooks, Courses, Financial Consultation)

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products and services you believe in and earning a commission each time someone buys. With my travel blog, I recommend unique accommodation facilities such as safari camps, glamping sites, and resorts. In return, I earn a commission each time someone makes a booking via Booking.Com.

How to Make Money Online in Kenya with Affiliate Marketing

Many companies offer affiliate marketing opportunities. Some of the best include Booking Dot Com, BookAway, Jumia, Viator, and GetYourGuide. To make money, you can share their products and services via social media, blog, or YouTube.

3. Make Money Online in Kenya by Trading Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and if you want to earn a living or make passive money, jumping into the crypto wagon might be your best bet. Although it has a steep learning curve, making money online with Crypto can have huge returns.

As we speak, many Kenyans are making money by trading cryptocurrencies online. If you’re interested in how to get started, check out this article.

How to Trade Crypto in Kenya

You can make money with Crypto in many ways. These include digital trading assets (such as Bitcoin), earning through savings, staking, farming, or arbitraging.

4. Flip Domain Names and Websites

Flipping websites and domain names is another great opportunity to earn a living online in Kenya. A domain is a website or a brand address such as “” or “quiver”.

Most domain names cost less than Ksh 2,000 to register and can be resold for over Ksh 20,000. To get started, check out expired domains on websites such as Namecheap, Godaddy, or KenyaWebExperts. If you believe they have value, buy them and list them for sale on social media or websites such as Sedo or Empire Flippers.

One way of making money with domain names is by setting up websites and reselling them. Alternatively, you can offer website design services in Kenya or worldwide by signing up on Freelancer.

5. Make Money Online in Kenya as a Tutor

One of the best ways to make money online in Kenya is by teaching others what you know. You can build on your talent or passion and share your skills with the rest of the world. Someone can benefit from your skills if you are into mathematics, geometry, arts, music, woodworking, or dancing.

How to Become an Online Tutor in Kenya

The internet has made it easy for people to tutor others online. You can share your skills through third-party websites like Udemy, Skillshare, and TutorMe, or start your site. You can also use video streaming and social media platforms like Youtube and TikTok.

6. Start a Youtube Channel

The YouTube Partner Program lets you make money online by uploading videos. These videos can be about any topic you are passionate about, including ‘how-to-guides,’ music, finance, travel, and more.

How to Make Money with a Youtube Channel in Kenya

Once your account is approved, YouTube will pay you a percentage of their advertising revenue for every 1,000 views.

7. Pick up Freelance Jobs Online

Earning a living as a freelancer is common in Kenya. With websites like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr, you can bid for online gigs and make money.

How to Make Money Online in Kenya with Online Gigs

Build your skillsets and sign up for work on one or two platforms to start. Freelancer is my favorite platform because of their ease of joining, more gigs, and quick cashout.

8. Sell Your Stuff Online on JiJi, eBay, and Etsy

Most of us have many items that we no longer use lying around. These include clothes, toys, electronics, old games, movies, and machines. Selling such stuff is a popular way of making extra money online in Kenya and decluttering your space.

Mobile applications and websites like Jiji and PigiaMe let you upload your items online and sell them to shoppers from all over the country. Besides local websites, you can sell items like handcrafts and unique gifts on eBay and Etsy.

How to Sell Items Online in Kenya

To sell your items online in Kenya, sign up to a website like Jiji and upload your stuff.

Once a customer sends you a request, arrange for online payment or cash on delivery. Make sure you price your items correctly to make money.

9. Become an Influencer

If you have a following on social media, it’s possible to make a living as an influencer. Brands and companies constantly seek people to promote their products and services. So, you can capitalize on your skills to share your thoughts and reviews about products you love in exchange for a monetary reward.

How to Make Money in Kenya as an Influencer

Successful influencers in Kenya make money by promoting brands and businesses through Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram.

10. Become a Travel Writer

Another way of making money online in Kenya is becoming a travel writer. This could be a great opportunity if you are passionate about destinations around the country and beyond.

Travel websites, blogs, magazines, and newspapers always seek writers to share their expertise about a destination. To earn extra cash as a travel writer, start by running a personal blog and pitching to publications.

Some of the best websites to check out include Culture Trip, Holidify, Atlas Obscura, and Kayak.

Also, it’s more than travel writing. You can also consider writing articles on other topics such as finance, science, and DIY.

How to Become a Travel Blogger or Writer in Kenya

The best way to become a travel writer or blogger in Kenya is to travel around, share your content, research different publications, and pitch your work.

11. Publish and Sell an eBook

Technology has made it possible for anyone to create and publish eBooks. This is a perfect option for beginners since there are no printing or shipping costs.

If you’re passionate about a topic that a group of users would find useful, create an Ebook. You can publish it on local websites such as Muthurwa or global sites like Amazon and Gumroad.

How to Sell an eBook in Kenya

The best way to sell eBooks and house plans in Kenya is by listing them on Muthurwa Marketplace.

How to Get Paid Online in Kenya via Mpesa or Bank

Once you decide how you want to make money in Kenya, there are several methods of receiving your payments. These include but are not limited to the following.

  • Via PayPal – then to bank or Mpesa
  • By Wire Transfer to Bank
  • Through Western Union
  • Using Payoneer