How To Dress For a Wedding In Kenya

How To Dress For a Wedding In Kenya

In this article Keweb. co tries to answer the question by publishing the ways one can Dress For a Wedding in Kenya

Below are the most helpful ways to Dress For a Wedding in Kenya

Avoiding white at a wedding was a rule invented to show that the married couple was pure at the ceremony hence white bridal dresses.

Jeans are not that bad but they send a message of not caring about the importance of the event and also, it can be interpreted as disrespectful by the couples So what should I wear to a wedding as a guest in Kenya? For men, a tuxedo is always the best choice but African wear is also worn frequently.

For women, formal dresses, maxi dresses, skater dresses, or African traditional wear are common. For example a kitenge. On the other hand, If your style is trousers, wear an official one. Unless the bride tells you otherwise, avoid short dresses. Below are the outfits you should wear to a wedding:

a) Older women like mothers

Wear respectful well-fitting traditional or official wear. The couples will be looking to you as their advisors, so wear a conservative outfit.

b) Ladies (age 16-40)

Wear an African print or a respectful outfit. Avoid trousers if necessary and the length of the outfit should be longer.

c) Men

A tuxedo is always the recommended outfit. African wear is also a good choice. Although we have seen some guys showing up with casual wear like jeans and t-shirts, it is not recommended since it can be seen as a don’t care about the event.

d) Children of all sexes

Children can get away with dressing. They can wear their normal outfits or their parents can dress them in their best outfits. However, we would recommend high-end designer outfits like tuxedos or African wear if your family is close to the couples or if you are a VIP to the event.

This is important because wedding memories last forever and there will be photographs that the couple will store and treasure all their lives.

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e) What to avoid

  • Avoid white outfits
  • Wardrobe malfunctions
  • Jeans if necessary
  • Mini skirts or mini dresses.
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