How To Download Covid Vaccination Certificate In Kenya

A COVID-19 vaccination certificate is a proof that you have been vaccinated against the COVID-virus. The increase in the availability of vaccines worldwide has simultaneously prompted stricter vaccination requirements by various governments to enter countries.

Although vaccination is not mandatory, its absence can result in unvaccinated individuals facing restrictive measures such as consistent testing, or quarantining. Anyone who has been vaccinated in Kenya can get their Covid-19 vaccination certificate online.  

How To Download Covid Vaccination Certificate In Kenya

Visit on your web browser.

  1. If you have never been registered on this platform, create your account by visiting the create account page here
  2. If you have an account, log in here
  3. Ensure the details you are using to sign up are the details you intend to use during vaccination or have already provided at vaccination.

If you used your Passport Number at vaccination for example, ensure that this is the document you provide during vaccination.

If you have not yet been vaccinated, the identification document you use to register here should be the same ID you provide at the vaccination facility.

If you were vaccinated in a military facility, you will need to visit any military vaccination facility for assistance.

  1. If you have received any of your vaccinations, you will be able to find the Vaccination Certificate Menu as described below:
    •  On mobile devices, click on the three horizontal lines at the top right of your screen to reveal additional menus.
    •  On a tablet or laptop, you will now see some menus on the left bar of the screen.
  2. From here you’ll be able to see your vaccination certificate with the corresponding doses already received. A download certificate button will also be visible.