How To Check Party Membership in Kenya

Kenya is a multiparty democracy whereby many political parties are allowed to participate in national and civic elections. A person can only be a member of one political party. Once a person’s name has been entered into the membership register of a political party, the person becomes a member of that party until such a time when the name is removed and entered into the register of another political party.

The office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) is mandated to regulate the formation, registration, and funding of political parties in accordance with the Constitution and rule of law.

How To Check Party Membership in Kenya

There are two ways you verify your party membership status. You can do it either through the website or SMS shortcode way.

Through new website

Visit the Office of Registrar of Political Parties website.

Click on Check your membership status in the right-hand corner.

If you’re a registered voter, input the national identification or passport number with which you registered.

Through SMS shortcode

The steps here are equally easy.

Dial *509#. Enter your identification number.

You will then be given two options (Checking party membership and Deregistration from or Resignation to a party).

Select Checking party membership.

How to de-list and join another political party

Write a letter of resignation with your details to the party.

Attach a copy of your national identification card to the letter.

Send a copy of your letter and ID to the ORPP’s office, or scan and forward it to

All resignation letters must be sent to a political party that recruited you. Once the process is done, you can then apply to join your political party of choice.