How to Apply for Hunting License In Kenya

Hunting license. a license authorizing the bearer to kill a certain type of animal during a specified period of time. synonyms: game license, hunting licence, hunting permit. type of: licence, license, permit. a legal document giving official permission to do something.


  • Accordingly, A foreigner wishing to apply for a hunting permit in Kenya shall submit his or her application at least six months before the date of beginning of the hunt according to government rules of procedure .
  • Hunting game in Kenya is Divided into two categories namely:

(i) Residents Hunting Game(ii) Visitors Hunting Game

  • Application for a hunting license is done in person to the Director of Kenya Wildlife Services.(KWS)
  • Application forms can be obtained from the KWS offices or from their official Website. Some tourism agents also possess these forms

Residents hunting Game ( In-person Application)

  • Any person interested in hunting (e.g. bird shooting) applies to the Director of Kenya Wildlife Services. Application forms can be obtained from the KWS offices or from their official Website. Some tourism agents also possess these forms
  • The applicant will then be invited for a test, which is currently conducted four times a year i.e., the first Wednesday of every quarter.
  • The candidate is tested on his ability to recognize game birds and non- game birds from projected slides and to answer a series of verbal questions on Wildlife Act where it relates to game bird management.
  • Candidates who pass the test can then take on a Game License. He or she will then be given a set of guidelines, rules and conditions which they have to abide to.

Visitors Hunting Game (In Person Application)

  • The first step is to acquire a temporary permit for possession of a firearm (TPP) by making an application to the Chief Licensing Officer for firearms.
  • Non- resident hunters will book through registered professional hunters (birds).
  • The professional hunters (birds) acquire a temporary permit for possession of firearms (TPP) for their visitors. Game Bird License(s) is/ are issued to the professional hunting license birds) holder upon presentation of TPP from the Chief Licensing Officer for firearms.
  • In addition, one has to undertake a test and attain a pass to qualify. The test is administered twice a year: third Wednesdays of March and November. The test is composed of two parts as follows;
  1. The first is a written test, the candidate has to attempt one out of seven papers on wildlife law and one out of five papers on game bird biology. The papers are randomly selected randomly by the candidate. The examination materials are supplied to the candidate to assist the applicant study and understand the scope of the test.
  2. In the second part, the candidate is tested on gun discipline, which include safety of the visitors and the public and general gun discipline during sport hunting the candidate is tested on his/ her ability and competence in guiding visitors shooting birds. Here safety of the visitor and the public is of importance and one has to demonstrate that he has good control of the shooting party.
  • On entering the unit, shooting parties are required to report at designated control post to familiarize themselves with any special conditions imposed by the Warden and sign a register as guided by the Warden.
  • On leaving the bird shooting unit, shooting parties are required to sign out at the designated control post as guided by the Warden and to submit returns to the Warden and Director, KWS within seven days and 21 days, respectively.
  • Failure to comply with this instruction may result in suspension of the Game License.

Required Documents

  1. proof of payment of prescribed fees;
  2. Identity Card in case of A resident making the application
  3. valid passport A foreigner making the application ,
  4. hunting license,
  5. rifle details,
  6. hunting pass
  7. hunting equipment Details.
  8. proof of financial capacity of the applicant;
  9. compliance with ethical requirements; and
  10. any other item that may be required by the Service

Office Locations & Contacts

Kenya Wildlife Service
P.O. Box 40241 – 00100 Nairobi Kenya
Tel: +254 (20) 6000800,
+254 (20) 6002345
Fax: +254 (20) 6003792
Email Address:[ Email]
Website:Contact link

How much is a hunting license in Kenya?

Details about the fees payable are provided by the Kenya Wildlife Service Officials. Generally , The price ranges from the minimum of 100 USD for Baboon, to a maximum of 15,000 USD for other animals.

Hunting isn’t a new concept in Africa. It was abolished in Kenya in 1977 when the various governments were trying to fight illegal wildlife trade especially on ivory. In other words, banning hunting has had a negative effect on wildlife numbers and biodiversity.

Can you hunt poachers in Kenya?

Illegal hunting continues, as there is still international demand for elephant tusks. Kenya pioneered the destruction of ivory as a way to combat this black market. Elephant poaching continues to pose a threat to the population.