How To Apply For Bridge Subjects In Kenya

How To Apply For Bridge Subjects In Kenya

Bridging courses meaning

KNEC bridging courses are short courses in which you re-sit subjects/subjects you had failed at the KCSE, hoping to improve your grade.

In this article Keweb. co tries to answer the question by publishing the ways one can apply for a bridge subjects in Kenya

Below are the most helpful ways to apply for bridge subjects in Kenya

Entry requirements for KNEC bridging courses

Unlike normal bridging courses, there’s no minimum grade for KNEC bridging courses- indeed, you can even ‘bridge’ a subject for which you had previously scored an E grade.

And it actually depends on the college and the course you’re taking since the primary purpose of the ‘bridging’ is to earn the minimum entry grade for the course.

In short, colleges and universities set their own specific requirements for their bridging courses.

How long does KNEC bridging courses take?

It takes just 6 months on average to bridge a KNEC subject though some units have more flexibility.

You can attend studies full-time, part-time (evening and mornings), or on weekends.

Are KNEC bridging courses recognized?

Yes, but only by the college/university offering it.

As mentioned, the goal of the program is to allow you to reach the grade for the course so they’ll allow you to join your chosen course if you achieve that grade during your bridging exams.

But that’s the only recognition awarded to these courses.

In fact, in some cases, bridging may not be helpful when seeking employment if you don’t meet the stringent requirements set by employers.

Let’s take teaching for example:

To become a secondary school teacher, you must have a KCSE mean grade of C+ in two teaching subjects.

Now, even if you bridge, the TSC won’t recognize your bridging certificate at the moment and your efforts to join the profession via bridging will fail.

That’s why we advise people to resit the KCSE (the whole exam) if they’re looking at getting KCSE grades that will get universal recognition.

Side Note: You can contact Mr. Michael Obiero of Pan African Girls High School at 0724 679 057 0r 0789 881 380 if you’d prefer to bridge/resit your KCSE exam as a private candidate. He will help with everything including booking you for the resit and enrolling you for classes(if you’d like to be a private candidate).

But if you must take a bridging certificate, then go ahead and identify a university or an institute that teaches bridging courses in the relevant subjects and enroll for a bridging course.

Note: In the past years, KNEC bridging courses were widely accepted and you could even use them to join a degree program if you had not passed well in your KCSE.