How To Apply For A TV Licence In Kenya

Licensing Procedure

In accordance with provisions in the Act, license structure for broadcasting services in Kenya is categorized into the following services: –

  • Free to air radio.
  • Free to air television.
  • Subscription radio.
  • Subscription television.
  • Subscription management.
  • Signal distribution.
  • Any other class of license as may be determined in accordance with the regulations.

Licensing procedures for broadcasting can be downloaded at:

How do you start a television station in kenya?

Step 1: Decide the type of channel you want to start. Make a list of the type of shows that you wish to have on the show. Step 2: Arrange for a studio. Every TV Channel needs a studio, and if you wish to start a news channel your office will have to have the studio from where the news is broadcasted.

How do I start a radio station in Kenya?

To start a radio station in Kenya, you will need information on licences and physical equipments for setting up the actual station.

The three types of licences include:

  1. Public Broadcasting (KBC is the only designated public broadcaster)
  2. Commercial/Private broadcasting service.
  3. Community Broadcasting services.

How many radio stations are in Kenya?

100 radio stations, Kenya has over 100 radio stations.