How To Adopt A Child In Kenya

 Adopting a child in Kenya has many facets and touches people in different ways—depending on their roles and perspective. It is the social, emotional, and legal process in which children who will not be raised by their birth parents become full and permanent legal members of another family while maintaining genetic and psychological connections to their birth family.

How To Adopt A Child In Kenya?

Some of the requirements when adopting a child would include;

a) The child’s birth certificate,
b) If the child is a school-going child, a copy of the school progress report,
c) A children’s officers report,
d) Death certificate if the child’s parents are deceased,
e) Chief’s letter,
f) Copies of identification documentation of prospective adoptive parents,
g) Marriage certificate for a couple wishing to adopt,
h) Medical report of the adoptive parent,
i) Proof of financial status such as bank statements and pay slips,
j) Proof of home ownership,
k) Birth certificates of any children the adoptive parent may have, and
l) Certificates of good conduct.

The child’s biological parents’ consent has to be sought if they are alive as well as that of a sibling aged 18 years and over. Consent of a child’s biological parent may, however, be dispensed with in the event that he/she had abandoned, neglected or persistently failed to maintain the child or is accused of ill-treating the child.
If a child had been placed in an institution or children’s home and the child’s parents/ guardian have not been seen or heard from for a period of 6 months, the presumption of abandonment arises.

Who may/may not adopt a child?

An Applicant(s) wishing to adopt a child must be 25 – 65 years and should be at least 21 years older than the child. A child’s relative may also be eligible to adopt a child including the mother or father of the child.
Section 158(2) of the Children’s Act provides that:
“An adoption order shall not be made in favour of the following persons unless the court is satisfied that there are special circumstances that justify the making of an adoption order
a) Sole male applicant in respect of a female child;
b) A sole female applicant in respect of a male child;
c) An applicant or joint applicants who have or both have attained the age of sixty-five years;
d) A sole foreign female applicant.”