How Did Kenya Shakira Gatlin From Dancing Dolls Die

Shakira Gatlin is known for being a part of Dancing Dolls for Life, a dancing group that is known for hip hop and other such dance forms. She was associated with DD4L since 2015 and many testify that she was drillmaster and the head co-captain in recent times. February 3rd, 2022 was a disheartening day for the family of Shakira as news of her death reached the ears of the public.

How Did Kenya Shakira Gatlin From Dancing Dolls Die

According to the Jackson police officials, her death took place at Barnes Street in Jackson in the United States of America. The incident reportedly took place on Thursday at 8.50 PM. 

Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham Stewart, as per a report on, stated that she suffered a single gunshot when a ‘loaded handgun’ was ‘mishandled in the presence of others.’

The police have also questioned a juvenile boy in connection with the incident. 

The news was confirmed by her mother in an emotional post on Facebook. 

Sharing a photo of Shakira, her mother Erica Robinson expressed her shock and anger over and asked ‘why’ it happened.  She shared that she had ‘bury’ her daughter too, after laying to rest her husband and added, ‘they deserved to live.’

There have been no confirmed reports of who killed Shakira From Dancing Dolls, but the report from Hinds County Coroner as well as the Jackson police stated that a young juvenile boy might be held as the suspect. But no sources have confirmed anything yet.