Govt To Deploy 1300 TVET Trainers

By | August 27, 2023

Govt To Deploy 1300 TVET Trainers: What You Need To Know

Following a successful recruitment effort, the Ministry of Education will deploy 1,300 trainers to Technical, Vocational education, and Training (TVET) programs across the nation in September of this year.

Dr Esther Muoria, the Principal Secretary (PS) of the State Department for TVET, stated that the recruitment of trainers had been completed and that the ministry was anticipating a final report from the Public Service Commission (PSC) before beginning to post them.

On Friday, Dr. Muoria made these remarks as she presided over the closing ceremony of a week-long TVET principals training that the Kenya School of TVET (KSTVET) had organized in Kisumu County.

She also confirmed that the State Department for TVET is committed to assuring the deployment of assistant principals as part of efforts to fill the void in TVET institutions.

In March 2023, the PSC solicited applications from qualified degree, higher national diploma, and diploma holders for the positions of Vocational and Technical Trainers in 220 institutions across the country.

Simultaneously, the PS emphasized the importance of retraining TVET managers in financial management and governance, which is crucial for moulding the institutions’ future.

Dr. Muoria reported that the Ministry of Education, in partnership with KSTVET, has accomplished a significant milestone over the past year.

A total of 1,896 TVET faculty and staff members have undergone training, constituting 60% of the intended target group. This comprehensive training initiative encompassed a diverse array of roles, ensuring a well-rounded and balanced approach.

The training participants included individuals holding positions such as principals, deputy principals, registrars, heads of departments, finance officers, auditors, accountants, human resource officers, and facility managers.

She defended the government’s new funding paradigm for higher education, stating that it will foster equity in access to TVET and university education.

Dr. Muoria emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring comprehensive support for all students within the new funding model for education. She emphasized that it is crucial to stop any student from falling behind in their academic pursuits.

She urged the principals to aid the incoming freshmen in gaining admission for the September 2023 intake so that they may qualify for state sponsorship.

She revealed that preparations are underway to welcome the new trainees scheduled for the September intake.

She issued a directive for the establishment of a support desk to aid trainees who have encountered difficulties in accessing or finalizing their applications for the Government Scholarship and Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).