Gas Prices In Kenya

Gas Prices In Kenya

Here are Gas Prices In Kenya

Kenya Gasoline pricesLitreGallon

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Gasoline prices per liter, octane-95: We show prices for Kenya from 13-Feb-2023 to 22-May-2023. The average value for Kenya during that period was 180.95 Kenyan Shillings with a minimum of 179.16 Kenyan Shilling on 13-Feb-2023 and a maximum of 184.56 Kenyan Shilling on 15-May-2023.

For comparison, the average price of gasoline in the world for this period is 243.39 Kenyan Shillings. Use the drop menu to see the prices in gallons.

How much is 6kg gas in Kenya?

Currently, a 6kg cylinder costs about Ksh2,800, and with the subsidy, the price will fall to about Ksh500 in the next financial year beginning July this year. This is in line with the government’s plan to increase the use of clean energy and reduce the use of fuel wood.

How much is a gas refill in Kenya?

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ItemGas Refill Only Price (Kshs)Cylinder & Gas Price (Kshs)
3KG GAS8902,310
6KG GAS1,5403,840
13KG GAS3,3307,430
22.5KG GAS5,58013,080

How long does 13kg of gas last in Kenya?

How long does a 13kg gas bottle last on a BBQ would be anywhere from about 9.4 hours for a large 4-burner BBQ to 84.7 hours for a compact 1-burner BBQ.