Entry Requirements For Mwalimu Sacco Membership

By | July 12, 2022

Mwalimu Sacco Membership – How to join easily plus requirements


There shall be 2 classes of membership to the Society, with each class exercising different rights as stipulated in By-law 10.

CLASS A MEMBERS Membership shall consist of:

  • Employees of Teachers Service Commission in Post Primary, TVETA Institutions, TSC Secretariat and Mwalimu SACCO Society staff and employees of any subsidiary of Mwalimu National Sacco
  • Employees of Teachers Service Commission in Primary schools with academic qualifications at the level of Diploma and
  • Employees of Teachers Service Commission in Primary School with academic qualification below diploma level may be admitted into membership by the Board on their own
  • Members currently working in government ministries/departments or other institutions already having check-off facilities with the
  • Spouses of members and members’ children above 18 years of age in
  • Lecturers in public and private
  • Teachers with academic qualifications at the level of Diploma and above, employed in education-related institutions and teachers registered by TSC and employed by schools’ Boards of Management (BOM), with academic qualifications of the level of Diploma and
  • Students previously sponsored by the Society under the Childhope Foundation who are over 18 years and in formal
  • Former employees of TSC and Government related Primary,

Post-Primary and TVETA education institutions who are in formal employment in private or public sector or in private business.

CLASS B MEMBERS Membership shall consist of:

  • Students undertaking education-related studies leading to diplomas and degrees, in technical colleges and universities recognized by the Ministry in charge of
  • Members who have withdrawn their deposits and have not yet transferred shares to another
  • Members by share capital

Members who have left the common bond will continue with membership.


A person shall be eligible for membership into the Society if he possesses the following qualifications:

  • Is not less than 18 years of
  • Is a Kenyan citizen or an ordinary resident of
  • Is of sound
  • Has not been convicted of any criminal offence or if has been convicted, has not been sentenced to a jail term of more than 6
  • Is of good standing and

No person shall be eligible for membership if he is a member of another Co-operative having the same or similar objectives as those contained in these By-laws.



  • Every applicant for membership shall complete an “Application for Membership” This form may be drawn so as to show all the information required for the purpose of Register of members.
  • The completed form upon receipt and admission shall be allocated a membership number, filed in the members personal file and the number given be entered in the members register
  • An applicant shall be admitted to membership on being accepted by the Board and upon payment of 2,000 or such other amount for entrance fee as may be determined by the board from time to time.


  • A member who withdraws from the Society may rejoin after a period of not less than 3 months of the However, such time frame shall be reviewed by the Board from time to time
  • A Re-Admission fee of 2,000 or such other amount as may be determined by the board from time to time.
  • Upon re-admission, the rejoining member shall be treated as a new member for purposes of qualification of members’ rights and
  • Upon admission/re-admission by the Board, a member will be issued with a membership biometric identification The By- laws shall be available on the website.


The Board may refuse admission to a person after assigning reasons for its decision. Such a person, whose membership has been refused, if aggrieved, shall have the right to appeal to the next Annual Delegates meeting through his Branch.

Such an appeal shall be heard and de- termined if the necessary notice has been given in accordance with the applicable law.