Electric Water Pump Prices In Kenya

Electric Water Pump Prices In Kenya

Electric water pumps are water pumps driven by electricity. They can provide a delivery rate that is not dependent on the engine speed, thus cooling that is based on the engine’s demand, activating the pump when there is a specific need.

Below are Electric Water Pump Prices In Kenya

Brand/ModelSpecs: Head, Suction, Flow rate, Outlet Pipe, HPPrice
Pedrollo CPm1581″, Head 36m, 90L/min, 1.0hpKsh 26,000
AICO Akp601″, Head 36m, 40L/min, 0.5hpKsh 5,000
AICO Akp701″, Head 55m, 50L/min, 0.75hpKsh 7,000
AICO Akp801″, Head 36m, 90L/min, 1.0hpKsh 9,500

How much is an electric motor pump in Kenya?

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The price of electric pumps in Kenya range between Kes. 4,500 to Kes. 130,000 depending on brand and specifications.

How much is a domestic electric water pump in Kenya?

According to the survey, the average cost of a water pump in Kenya falls within the range of KSh 6,000 – KSh 50,000, it goes further up to 200,000 depending on the type of water pump. This price point is significant, as it can provide access to clean water for many rural households.

Which is the best water pump in Kenya?

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Best Water pump brands in Kenya

  • Pedrollo Water Pumps: Includes submersible and booster pumps.
  • Speroni Water Pumps.
  • Astramillano: Manufactures generator water pumps for irrigation and community use.
  • Honda Water Pumps.
  • Kato Water Pumps.
  • AICO Water Pumps.
  • Davey Water Pumps.
  • DAB Water Pumps.

How much is a high-pressure electric water pump in Kenya?

High-Pressure Water Pump Price in Kenya

AICO ADP30HL3″, Suction 8m, Head 100M, 40,000L/Hr, 10hp, DieselKsh 85,000/-
Pacwell LT30hd3″, Suction 7m, Head 70M, 40,000L/Hr, 10hp, DieselKsh 74,000/-
Pacwell LT20hd2″, Suction 7m, Head 65M, 35,000L/Hr, 7hp, DieselKsh 62,000/-