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An Act of Parliament established the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) in 1983 to set and conduct examinations and award certificates to successful candidates.  Before this enactment, the Ministry of Education and Culture under the Examinations Section used to conduct the examinations.  After the enactment, the section continued to perform the function of conducting the examinations while simultaneously developing an institutional framework and job descriptions.

Examinations Council of Zambia Certificate Results

This service is only done to results awarded by the ECZ. This is done to confirm that the results the candidate has on his/ her certificate/ Statement of Results are genuine by comparing with the ECZ record. The service is offered at Grade 7, 9, 12, GCE and Teacher Education.


  • Clear photocopy of the certificate/ statement of results
  • N.B. Statement of results can only be certified if certificates for the year have not been dispatched by the ECZ


  • K100 per copy

Remarking of Scripts

This service is offered to candidates who are dissatisfied with their final examinations results.

Charges: Per Script

  • Grade 9 –  K350
  • Grade 12 – K350
  • GCE – K350
  • Teacher Education – K350

A candidates who wishes to have his/her scripts remarked can visit the ECZ Service Centre nearest to them.

Examination Registration Period

The Examinations Council of Zambia wishes to inform the general public that the registration period for the 2020 Examinations has been extended from Saturday, 29th February 2020 to Saturday, 7th March 2020.

Kindly take note of the new registration deadline.

Deputy Director
Examinations Council of Zambia

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