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Our schemes of work for form 1-4 will help you in the interpretation of the high school subject content or KNEC syllabus. It can also be used as a guide throughout the F1-4 course to monitor progress against the original plan. Our Schemes of work have been edited to be in line with the KNEC syllabus and to meet the needs of Kenyan teachers and students. 

You can download all the 2020/2021 Schemes of Work below. Click on each link to download the item.

All subjects are covered for form 1, form 2, form 3, and form 4 classes. Download these schemes and use them immediately.

English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography, History, CRE, IRE, Home science, Agriculture, Business Studies, Computer Studies, Music.

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Topical Questions and Answers

K.C.S.E Past Papers from 1996 – 2022

Organization of SCIENCE Subjects in knec kcse exams

According to the Kenya National Examinations Council KNEC, the Science subjects examined during KCSE Examinations includes:

  1. Chemistry Paper 1
  2. Chemistry Paper 2
  3. Chemistry Paper 3 (KCSE Chemistry Practicals)
  4. Physics Paper 1
  5. Physics Paper 2
  6. Physics Paper 3 (KCSE Physics Practicals)
  7. Biology Paper 1
  8. Biology Paper 2, and
  9. Biology Paper 3 (KCSE Biology Practicals)

Alternatively, a student may opt for a general science paper.

Humanities Subjects

The humanities subjects include the History and government paper or simply history paper, Ire paper, Christian religious education paper (cre paper), geography paper

KCSE Technical and Applied Subjects

These subjects include:

Business studies paper, Agriculture paper, computer studies paper, home science paper,