Diploma in Kenya Registered Nursing Mental Health and Psychiatry Nursing at KMTC (Intakes, How to apply and Requirements)

By | May 30, 2021
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Diploma in Kenya Registered Nursing Mental Health and Psychiatry Nursing is a course offered the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC). This course takes three years.

Entry Requirements for Diploma in Kenya Registered Nursing Mental Health and Psychiatry Nursing

To pursue this Course you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • KCSE mean grade of C with C in English or Kiswahili, and C in Biology/Biological
  • C- in Chemistry/Physical Science.
  • C- in any one of the following: Mathematics, Physics/Physical Sciences

How to Apply for KMTC Courses 2021/2022

We welcome your application

Thank you for your interest in the Kenya Medical Training College. We are happy that you are looking closely at the exciting opportunities available here in KMTC. KMTC seeks to enrol and graduate applicants who will develop and grow educationally and personally and will contribute to the College community, and the broader society.

To that end, the role of the Admissions and Records Office is to recruit, admit, and encourage enrolment of applicants who are spiritually mature, academically excellent, accomplished in extra-curricular endeavours, and broadly diverse through individualized review and professional judgment.


All applications are ONLINE from the application portal on this website www.kmtc.ac.ke.

The prospective candidates apply for admission into courses for each academic year for Regular or Parallel Category.

The Regular category have subsidized fee with optional accommodation but no choice for campus while the parallel category have non subsidized fee, no accommodation option but have option for campuses choice in more than sixty five (65) campuses situated in different parts of the country depending on the courses.

Application Procedure:

  • Prospective candidates are expected to visit the applicants’ portal, read the advertisement to know the various courses and their specific entry requirements.
  • Candidates interested in making an application are advised to READ the application guidelines (preservice/Inservice) available on the application portal
  • Candidates are advised to follow the steps carefully given in the application guideline to the end to be sure of application success.
  • Take note that the application period has timelines as stipulated on the advertisement please observe them


To log into the KMTC Portal, enter your Email address and password. Next, click on ‘Login’.Login

E-Mail Address

PasswordRemember Me LoginForgot Your Password?Forgot Your Email?

Go to Application portal  In case you have no KMTC account, please create one by clicking here; Register now!

You’re advised to go through to application Instructions below before doing application.Download Application Instructions
Download Online Enrollment Instructions

Make sure you pay to the right account number(National Id or Birth Certificate ) as used during registration.

Please Note

All applicants to KMTC are advised to ensure that their applications are correctly done so as to compete for opportunities fairly; some of the areas to note are as follows;

  1. KMTC has many courses at various levels and varying entry requirement clusters hence taking time to read the advertisement that has key information necessary for the application to be made with clear information
  2. Determine the course you would like to study and be sure you qualify.
  3. Plan for your training at KMTC on time, funding and social support
  4. Be ready to take up your course if successful in any part of this country since our campuses are spread all over the country
  5. Follow APPLICATION GUIDELINES and ensure you have applied in time and correctly
  6. Remain active on email remembering your credentials that you can access your email at any time.

Contact Us

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Email Us :

Enquiries : info@kmtc.ac.ke

Admissions: admissions@kmtc.ac.ke

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