Diamond Dealer License In Kenya

A person should make an application for a diamond dealer’s license to the Cabinet Secretary in the prescribed form and it should be accompanied by the prescribed fee.

An application should be accompanied by evidence sufficient to show that the applicant is in possession of, or commands, sufficient working capital to ensure that he can carry on the business that would be permitted under the diamond dealer’s license.

The Cabinet Secretary, before issuing a license, require the applicant to provide security, by way of bond or cash deposit in the prescribed form as the Cabinet Secretary require, for the due payment of any prescribed fees or royalties which may become payable by such dealer in the course of his business under the law.

Required Documents

Application made in writing to the Commissioner
Physical address of the proposed trading premises (offices)
Registration document copies in case of a corporate body
Financial statements
Past experience in the trade or an indication of technical ability

Office Locations & Contacts

Licensing Body: Mines & Geology department
Physical Address: Madini House, Machakos Road, Industrial Area
Postal Address: P.O. Box 30009-00100, Nairobi Kenya
City: Nairobi City County
Tel: +254-020-558034, 558787, 556326, 650825
Email Address: cmg@bidii.com
Website: http://www.minesgeology.go.ke , http://www.mining.go.ke
Operating Hours: 8.00am – 1.00pm and 2pm – 5pm excluding weekends & public holidays.
Directions: View Directions http://www.businesslicense.or.ke/index.php/license/googlemap?office_type=1&id=29


For local diamond dealings, a person is required to apply to the Cabinet Secretary for a Diamond Dealers Licence.


Application Fee: No Fee
License Fee: KShs. 20,000/=


One Year

Processing Time

1 – 4 days


Contact Office: Commissioner of Mines & Geology, Chief Mining Engineer &Warden of Mines

Resolution Criteria:

Fulfilled requirements
Payment of fees
The prepared diamond dealers license document and its duplicate are taken for stamp duty at the cost of/by the applicant.

Required Information
Full name and address of the applicant
Name and full address of firm/principal
Quantity by weight of diamond(s) in metric carats
Type(s) and number of packages
Number of pieces, specifications/description
Name(s) and locality of mine(s), name and address of supplier(s)
Name and full postal address of consignee
Agent and place of export
F.O.B. value in Kenya shillings and U.S. dollars

Need for the Document

A diamond dealers license in the prescribed form may be issued by the Commissioner and expires on the thirty-first day of December following the date of issue.