Deep Freezer Prices In Kenya

Deep Freezer Prices In Kenya

Deep-freezing is an industrial technique that involves cooling quickly and viciously (a couple of minutes to an hour) food by exposing them intensely to temperatures from -30 ° C to -50 ° C, till the product core temperature reaches -18 ° C. With this method, the water contained within the cells is finely crystallized.

Chest freezers, are rarely found in homes.

This is because the majority of these appliances is used by businesses for chilling drinks faster, freezing meat products and ice cream. In this list, most of the chest freezers are either 4 or 5-star rated (energy). This means your electricity bill will be in check at the end of the month. So here are the prices of chest freezers in Kenya. 

Below are Deep Freezer Prices In Kenya

Chest FreezerPrice
RAMTONS CF234-Chest Freezer + External Condensor- 446LKSh.65,000
WHIRLPOOL CF27T – Chest Freezer – 212 LitresKSh.42,000
Von Hotpoint HCFS120SS – Chest Freezer – 100 LitresKSh.23,000
ARMCO AF-C08(K) – Chest Freezer – 2.5Cu.Ft – 70 LitresKSh.21,000
RAMTONS CF231- Chest Freezer+Icepak External Condenser- 140LKSh.28,000
Bruhm BCF-650DD – Chest Freezer – 20Cu.Ft – 550 LitresKSh.60,000
RAMTONS CF232- Chest Freezer+Icepak External Condenser- 190LKSh.32,000