Cooker Prices In Kenya

Cooker Prices In Kenya

Cooker is an appliance used for cooking food, typically consisting of an oven, hob, and grill and powered by gas or electricity.

Below are Cooker Prices In Kenya

KSh13,500. Gas & Electric Cookers.

KSh19,999. 3 +1 Standing Cooker With Electric Oven.

KSh16,499. VON 3+1 Electric and oven gas cooker.

KSh5,998. Eurochef 3gas + 1 Electric Free Standing Oven Gas Cooker.

KSh10,000. Ramtons 4 burner electric oven.

KSh14,500. Beko Gas Oven & Electric Grill.


Which is the best cooker to buy in Kenya?

Standing Cookers

4G+2E 90×60 S/Steel Giant Oven Cooker- RF/394.

Ariston Cooker 4 Gas + 2 Electric Stainless Steel C911 N1 (X)/S

Ramtons 3G+1E 50×50 White Cooker 5034- RF/184.

Ramtons 3G+1E 50×55 Black cooker- RF/314.

Ramtons 3G+1E 50×55 Brown Cooker- RF/311.

Ramtons 3G+1E 50×55 Silver Cooker- RF/312.

What is the price of an oven in Kenya?

RAMTONS EB/310- 4Gas + Rotiserie + Auto Ignition Cooker: KSh 14,990. Super General SGC6470MS-Electric Cooker 60X60 with 3 Gas Burners + 1 Hot Plate: KSh 28,999. Bruhm BGC 6640NW – Free Standing Gas Cooker: KSh 12,490. MIKA Free Standing Cooker, 4 Gas Burners, Gas Oven – MST60PIAGSL/EM, 60 X 60: KSh 22,995.

How much is a Ramtons cooker in Kenya?

Latest CookerPrice in Kenya
Ramtons EB/303 4 Gas 55×55 Dark Red CookerKsh. 25,399
Ramtons RF/356 50X50 4 Gas CookerKsh.27,499
Ramtons RF/185 2G+2E 50×50 CookerKsh.32,299
Ramtons RF/411 3G+1E 60X55 CookerKsh. 42,499

How much are Elba cookers in Kenya?

Elba EB/121 4 Electric Standing Cooker-White

Latest CookerPrice in Kenya
Elba EB/121 4 Electric Standing Cooker-WhiteKsh.47,700
Elba EB/121 4 Electric Standing Cooker-BrownKsh.47,700
Elba EB/166 4 gas +2 electric Standing Cooker- WhiteKsh.61,900
Elba EB/196 5 gas Standing Cooker-Stainless SteelKsh.157,200