Co-operative University of Kenya January 2020 Reporting Date

By | January 15, 2020

Above mentioned subject refers. The University has automated the students’ registration process to ensure that it is hastened. All continuing students who are reporting as from 9th January, 2020 are required to do online registration for Finance, Accommodation and Unit booking. Due to limited spaces available for accommodation, only those in Year 1 Semester 2 will be allowed to book for rooms online.

Students are advised to print the room allocation slip with QR code for presentation to the Housekeeping Department for verification. Kindly note that other continuing students who would like to reside in University hostels should get clearance from the Housekeeping Office before making payment for room allocation.

The procedure for self-registration is as follows:

1. Access and log in to your portal account on

2. Navigate to finance registration (if paid 50% of fees and full accommodation fee) then proceed to register. If not, make fee payment to the University account to activate the online-registration process.

3. Navigate to the Room Booking for room allocation subject to availability of rooms or register as non-resident

4. Print the room allocation slip (Ensure that it has a QR code)

5. Confirm and register your units for the semester. DAVID B. OTIENDE REGISTRAR, ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Copy to: Vice Chancellor -To see file copy Deputy Vice Chancellor, AA – To see file copy Deputy Vice Chancellor, FPA – To see file copy Dean of Students Director, IODEL – Chairman, CUKSU Deans of Schools – All Course Representatives Finance Officer – Ag. AR. Admission PICTO – House Keeper PRO