Bomet County KCSE Online Results Performance Analysis per County- Top Best 10 Schools

By | April 12, 2022

Bomet County KCSE 2021/2022 Results Performance Analysis per County- Top 10 schools; School Name, Mean Score, Number of As, Pass Rate, and Transition to Universities and Colleges in 2022

Moi Siongoroi Girls KCSE 2021/2022 Results-Performance Analysis and Ranking by Knec  in 2021/2022; School Mean Score-8.3, Number of As, Grade Summary, and Distribution & Transition Rate to Universities and Colleges in 2022


Official KCSE Results 2021-2022 for Bomet County

The Knec list of Top 10 KCSE candidates and schools in Bomet County was dominated by reputable national and extra county public (government-owned) schools that have always made it to the final list of Top 100 KCSE schools.

KCSE Results 2020-2021 for Bomet County: Moi Siongoroi and Kaplong Girls High Top in Bomet County. Click on the following links to view a comprehensive KCSE results analysis per school

KCSE Results 2020-2021 List of Top 10 schools and Candidates per County-Bomet; Here is the full list of KCSE 2020-2021 Top 10 Schools in Bomet County based on their most recent mean scores.

Are you curious to know how various top/ giant schools in Bomet County performed during the just-released KCSE 2021 KNEC results per county and region? Do not hesitate to visit the KNEC Portal on our website for verified KCSE 2020-2022 results for all schools in Kenya.

Click HERE to access the KCSE 2020/2021 Knec Results for Top Schools in Bomet County Rift Valley Region


Top Schools in 2021 KCSE Results per county and region

School NameSchoolMeanKCSE2021-2022School MeanKCSE 2020-2021CountyRegionPositionNationally
KapsabetBoys High 10.51NandiRift Valley1
Kenya High 10.4NairobiNairobi2
 Mang’u High 10.28 Kiambu  Central
 Alliance High  10.18 Kiambu Central  4
 Light Academy  10.05Nairobi Nairobi
 St. Joseph’s Girls 9.95  TransNzoiaRift Valley 
 Murang’a High School 9.86  Murang’a  Central 7
 St. Brigid’s Kiminini 9.85 TransNzoia  Rift Valley
 Pangani Girls High  9.84Nairobi Nairobi 
 Maranda High 9.8 Siaya Nyanza 10 
 Strathmore School 9.78 Nairobi Nairobi 11 
 Moi Girls Eldoret 9.68 Uasin Gishu  Rift Valley12 
 Friends School Kamusinga 9.62 Bungoma Western 13 
 Asumbi Girls 9.6  Homa BayNyanza 14 
 Moi Kabarak 9.56 Nakuru Rift Valley 15 
 Anestar Boys 9.58 Nakuru Rift Valley 16 
 Chemelil Academy 9.55 Kisumu Nyanza 17 
 Kisima Mixed Secondary  9.5 Nyandarua Central18 
 Maseno School 9.5  KisumuNyanza 19 
 Baricho Boys  9.48  KirinyagaCentral20 
 Starehe Boys Centre   9.43 NairobiNairobi21 
 Kagumo High 9.41 Nyeri  Central22 
 Nairobi School 9.41 Nairobi Nairobi 23 
 Moi Tea Girls  9.3 KerichoRift Valley 24 
 Riokindo Boys High 9.3 Kisii Nyanza 25 
 Kiage Tumaini Boys High  9.3 KisiiNyanza 26 
 Lugulu Girls High 9.3 Bungoma Western 27 
 Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High 9.23 Nyeri Central 28 
 St Joseph’s Chepterit Girls  9.2 Nandi Rift Valley 29
 Agoro Sare High  9.2Homa Bay County Nyanza 30 
 Orero Boys High 9.2 Homa Bay Nyanza 31 
 Sheikh Khalifa  9.1Mombasa County  Coast32 
 Kisii School 9.1  KisiiNyanza 33
 Kanga High 9.05 Migori Nyanza 34 
 Meru School 9.03 Meru  Eastern35 
 Lenana School 8.92  NairobiNairobi 36 
 Kapsabet Girls High  8.92Nandi Rift Valley 37 
 Mary Mother High  8.9 LaikipiaRift Valley 38 
 Kipsigis Girls High 8.9 Kericho Rift Valley 39 
 Kabianga High School 8.9  Kericho Rift Valley 40
 Mbita High School 8.9 Homa Bay Nyanza 41 
 Butere Girls High 8.9Kakamega  Western 42 
 Njiiri School  8.87 Murang’aCentral  43
 Meteitei Secondary School 8.82 Nandi County  Rift Valley 44
 Bunyore Girls High School  8.81Vihiga Western 45 
 Nakuru Boys High 8.8 Nakuru Rift Valley 46 
 Litein High  8.8 Kericho Rift Valley 47 
 Kebirigo Boys 8.8 Nyamira  Nyanza48 
 St. Mary’s Igoji 8.8 Meru Eastern 49 
 Chogoria Girls High 8.8 Tharaka Nithi Eastern 50 
 Makueni Boys High 8.75 Makueni Eastern 51 
 Mbooni Girls High  8.74Makueni Eastern 52 
 St. Anthony Boys Kitale 8.73 TransNzoia Rift Valley 53 
 Light Academy-Mombasa 8.72 Mombasa Coast 54 
 Moi Naikarra  8.7 NarokRift Valley 55 
 Nyambaria Boys 8.7 Nyamira Nyanza  56
 Oriwo Boys  8.7 Homa Bay  Nyanza57 
 Segero Adventist Academy  8.7 Uasin Gishu Rift Valley58 
 St. Patrick’s Iten  8.69Elgey Marakwet Rift Valley 59 
 Baringo High  8.65 Baringo County Rift Valley 60
 Nanyuki High 8.63 Laikipia Rift Valley  61
 Machakos School 8.62 Machakos Eastern 62 
Moi Girls Nairobi  8.6 Nairobi Nairobi 63 
 St. Joseph’s Kitale 8.6 TransNzoia Rift Valley  64
 St. Mary’s Kibabii 8.57 Bungoma Western 65 
 Chavakali High School  8.56 Vihiga Western66 
 Mahiga Girls  8.55Nyeri Central 67 
 Anin Girls 8.5 Elgeyo Marakwet   Rift Valley68 
 Ulanda Girls  8.5MigoriNyanza 69 
 Carmel Girls 8.5 Machakos Eastern 70 
 Nkubu High  8.5Meru Eastern 71 
 Moi High School Mbiruri 8.5 Embu Eastern72 
 Kakamega High  8.48 KakamegaWestern 73 
 Kisau Girls  8.42Makueni Eastern 74 
 Ogande Girls High 8.4 Homa Bay Nyanza 75 
 Kaaga Girls  8.4Meru Eastern 76 
 St Francis Rang’ala  8.38Siaya Nyanza 77 
 Edinburg School 8.38  Murang’a Central78 
 Nyangwa Boys  8.34  Embu Eastern79 
 Kahuhia Girls  8.33 Murang’a Central 80
 Kyeni Girls 8.32 Embu Eastern 81 
 Sacho High  8.3Baringo Rift Valley  82
 Moi Siongoroi High 8.3 Bomet  Rift Valley 83
 Metkei Girls 8.3 Elgeyo Marakwet Rift Valley  84
 St. Francis Girls  8.29Kiambu Central 85 
 Pioneer School 8.25  Murang’aCentral 86
 Tengecha Girls High  8.2Kericho  Rift Valley 87
 Karima Girls High 8.2 Nyandarua Central 88 
 Kabarnet Boys High  8.2Baringo  Rift Valley89 
 Chepkumia Secondary 8.2 Nandi  Rift Valley90
 Memon Academy  8.2Mombasa Coast 91 
 Nyamira Girls High 8.2 Siaya Nyanza 92 
 Sironga Girls High 8.2  NyamiraNyanza 93 
 St. Joseph’s Rapogi Boys High  8.2 Migori Nyanza 94
 Ikuu Boys High 8.2 Tharaka Nithi Eastern 95 
 Tenwek High 8.19 Bomet  Rift Valley 96
 Butula Boys  8.15 Busia Western97 
 Booker Academy  8.14Kakamega Western 98 
 Nyeri High  8.13Nyeri Central 99 
 AIC Litein Girls 8.1 Kericho Rift Valley 100

Here is the full list of KCSE 2020-2021 Top 100 Schools in Kenya based on their most recent mean scores

Some of the 2021 KCSE top schools in KNEC results released between 2021-2022 encompass Kenya High School, Kapsabet Boys, Kisima Mixed, Alliance High, and Mary Hill

 Kenya  High10.3 Pos 210.4671.Nairobi
Kapsabet Boys10.53Pos 110.112.Nandi
Kisima Mixed9.55 Pos 1610.053.Nyandarua
Alliance High10.18 Pos 410.0194.Kiambu
Mary Hill Girls9.89 Pos 69.925.Kiambu
Alliance Girls9.82 Pos 89.926.Kiambu
Strathmore School9.78Position 119.887.Nairobi
Moi High School Kabarak9.59 Pos 139.888.Nakuru
Mang’u High10.28 Pos 39.8689.Kiambu
Light Academy Nairobi10.05Pos 59.8410.Nairobi
Anestar Boys High9.58 Pos 169.711.Nakuru
Moi Girls Eldoret9.68 Pos 119.6512.Uasin Gishu
Pangani Girls9.82Pos 99.5613.Nairobi
Nairobi School9.41 Pos 209.5514.Nairobi
Kianda School9.5315.Nairobi
Nakuru Girls9.5216.Nakuru
St. Brigid’s Kiminini9.85Pos 89.417.Trans Nzoia
Murang’a High9.86 Pos 79.273318.Murang’a
Riara Springs9.219.Nairobi
Friends School Kamusinga9.61Pos 129.160820.Bungoma
Moi Tea Girls Sec.9.3Pos 249.1621.Kericho
Maseno School9.58 Pos 149.0922.Kisumu
Kipsigis Girls Sec.8.9Pos 399.0823.Kericho
Starehe Girls’ Centre9.0724.Nairobi
Sheik Khalifa9.1 Pos 329.0125.Mombasa
Kagumo High9.41 Pos 198.9926.Nyeri
Bishop Gatimu Ngandu9.227 Pos 268.96227.Nyeri
Segero Adventist National8.7Pos 588.92728.Trans Nzoia
Starehe Boys’ Centre9.43 Pos 188.909829.Nairobi
Maranda High9.76 Pos 108.9062830.Siaya
Pope Benedict Seminary8.931.Kisii
Bunyore Girls8.81Pos 458.892532.Vihiga
Litein High School8.8Pos 478.8433.Kericho
Agoro Sare9.236 Pos 258.83434.Homa Bay
Nakuru Boys High8.8 Pos 488.8135.Nakuru
Damacrest Academy8.836.Kiambu
Baricho Boys High9.41 Pos 178.837.Kirinyiga
Light Academy Mombasa9.17 Pos 288.7238.Mombasa
Limuru Girls8.739.Kiambu
Kanga High9.05 Pos 318.740.Migori
Meru School9.03 Pos 358.741.Meru
Machakos School8.62Pos 628.620742.Machakos
Mudasa Academy8.6243.Vihiga
Mary Mother  Of Grace8.6244.Laikipia
Kiage Tumaini9.3Pos 228.645.Kisii
Kitui School8.587846.Kitui
Asumbi Girls9.569Pos 158.5851947.Homa Bay
Karima Girls High9.5 Pos 878.5848.Nyandarua
Kahuhia Girls8.33Pos 798.5349.Murang’a
Nkubu High8.5 Pos 718.550.Meru
Carmel Girls8.5Pos 708.551.Machakos
Kisasi Boys8.4752.Kitui
Moi Girls Mbiruri8.5Pos 728.40553.Embu
Preciuos Blood Riruta8.454.Nairobi
Moi Forces Lanet8.455.Nakuru
Mbita High8.456.Homa Bay
Karura SDA8.457.Nairobi
Kabare Girls8.458.Kirinyiga
Kisii School9.1 Pos 338.459.Kisii
St. Mary’s Igoji8.8Pos 498.3760.Meru
Sacho High School8.3Pos 818.3661.Baringo
Metkei Girls8.3Pos 838.3462.Elgeyo Marakwet
Njiri School8.87Pos 438.3363.Murang’a
Elburgon Secondary8.38Pos 778.3364.Nakuru
Chogoria Girls8.3165.Tharaka Nithi
Mutira Girls8.366.Kirinyaga
Moi Siongiroi Girls8.367.Bomet
Lugulu Girls High8.257868.Bungoma
Memon Academy7.9Pos 908.269.Mombasa
Kyeni Girls8.270.Embu
Utumishi Academy8.1871.Nakuru
Muthale Girls8.10272.Kitui
Tengecha Girls High8.2 Pos 868.173.Kericho
St. Mary’s Boys Nyeri8.174.Nyeri
Qubaa Muslim7.98Pos 1118.175.Mombasa
Kathiani Girls8.176.Machakos
St. Francis Misyani8.0677.Machakos
Baringo High School8.65 Pos 608.0678.Baringo
Makueni Boys8.75Pos 518.05479.Makueni
St. Anthony Boys8.73 Pos 538.0180.Trans Nzoia
Nyambaria High8.7Pos 568.0181.Nyamira
Kangaru Girls8.0182.Embu
Mahiga Girls8.55Pos 98883.Nyeri
Elite Girls884.Laikipia
St. Joseph’s Boys Kitale8.6Pos 647.9285.Trans Nzoia
Sacred Heart Roret Girl7.986.Kericho
Orero Boys9.2Pos 317.987.Homa Bay
Kapsabet Girls8.92Pos 377.988.Nandi
Istiqama Academy7.989.Mombasa
Graceland Girls7.8390.Laikipia
Nanyuki High School8.63Pos 617.8291.Laikipia
Naivasha Girls7.8292.Nakuru
St. Peter’s Nyakemincha8.02Pos 1107.893.Nyamira
Pioneer Girls8.25Pos 857.894.Murang’a
Ndalani Sec.7.895.Machakos
Kiurani Boys7.896.Thara Nithi
Kiaguthu Boys7.897.Murang’a
Mugoiri Girls7.79Pos 1197.792898.Murang;A
Tenwek High School8.19Pos 957.7999.Bomet
St. Patrick’s Iten8.69Pos 1037.79100.Elgeyo Marakwet