Best Mens Perfume In Kenya

What is a man’s Perfume?

Today the term Eau de Cologne has become a generic term that is applied to perfume for men.

Eau de Cologne is a higher-grade of fragrance that contains a typical concentration of aromatic compounds of up to 7%. This gives an Eau de Cologne a much stronger scent than a typical aftershave.

Best Mens Perfume In Kenya

1 Armani Code Eau de Toilette

Armani Code Eau de Parfum: a sensual and woody fragrance for men that conjures the mood of an intense, yet effortless seduction.

2. Hugo Boss Boss Bottled

Balancing with a fresh and fruity top note, the warm, spicy-floral heart is dominated by geraniums and seasoned with just a dab of clove. The base note is decidedly male, a vibrating harmony of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver.

3. Christian Dior Sauvage Elixir

A warm and spicy opening with a little bit of freshness coming from grapefruit.

4. Emporio Armani Stronger With You Oud

It is a fougere ambery and woody fragrance that reinterprets the sensual signature of this cologne and infuses it with a powerful, opulent, and woody oud.

5. Tom Ford Ombre Leather

Ombré Leather is a deeply textural scent that imprints you with a tactile sensuality. It makes one feel different, beautiful and desired.” — TOM FORD

6. Eros Eau de Parfum by Versace

The Versace Eros perfume reveals a stark contrast between extremely citrusy and delicate aromas with vibrant and glowing fresh mint, lemon zest, and green apple notes.

Who uses perfume the most?

Which segment accounted for the largest perfume market share? b. Women accounted for the largest share of 62.9% in 2022. It is observed that women in the U.S. purchase a new perfume as often as once a month, in comparison to men who buy it on an average of 1-2 times per year, mainly for the purpose of replenishment.

Does perfume smell different on men?

And your gender can indeed affect how a perfume smells. The fragrance molecules in a perfume react differently on everyone’s skin. Although everyone’s skin chemistry is different, women tend to have more acidic skin than men.