Best IT Companies In Kenya

Best IT Companies In Kenya

List of the Top Kenya IT MSPs

  • iDeveloper Technologies.
  • Brooklyn Micro-Tech Systems.
  • Simplify IT. Effective IT Solutions.
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  • Superbridge Technologies.
  • Maxider Limited.
  • Technology Today.
  • Nescom Kenya.

Who is the best IT expert in Kenya?

Top IT Consultants in Kenya

  • Muru Technologies Inc. Innovative Technology.
  • East Africa Hi Tech Solutions. Enabling Business Continuity.
  • Pettinsky.
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  • 3techagency Inc.
  • Fourtech Global Solutions Ltd.
  • Grid Branding Solutions Limited.
  • Virtual Support Services Limited.

Which is the highest-paying company in Kenya?

Safaricom is the largest company in Kenya by market capitalization. It is also the most profitable company in the country. The company has a very competitive salary structure, making it one of the best-paying employers in Kenya.

How much is an IT person paid in Kenya?

Information Technology (IT) Support Jobs by Salary

Job TitleRangeAverage
Information Technology SpecialistRange:KSh 239k – KSh 2mAverage:KSh 510,000
Systems AdministratorRange:KSh 244 – KSh 1mAverage:KSh 540,000
Technical Support EngineerRange:KSh 354k – KSh 1mAverage:KSh 920,000