Best Iron Brands In Kenya

Best Iron Brands In Kenya

Steam Irons

  • Von VSIS22PSK Steam Iron Ceramic Plate – 2400W.
  • Kenwood STP60.000WB Steam Iron.
  • Von VSIS10MSR Travel Steam Iron.
  • Philips GC3920 OptimalTEMP Steam Iron – 2500w.
  • Philips GC1752 Steam Iron – 2000W.
  • Kenwood STP01.000WB Steam iron – 1100W.
  • Philips GC1742/46 Steam iron – 2000w.
  • Panasonic NI-S430RTH Steam Iron – 2300W.

How do I know which iron is best?

It is known that the iron with high wattage will be best to use if you iron clothes in large quantities. High-wattage irons lead to ease of ironing clothes. If you use irons occasionally, then low-wattage irons would make a good purchasing decision.

What to look for when buying an iron?

Things to consider when buying an iron

  1. Soleplate.
  2. Water tank size.
  3. Cord length.
  4. Steam output.
  5. Bar pressure.
  6. Wattage.

Which iron consumes less electricity?

Steam Iron v/s Dry Iron: Let's End The Debate!

A steam iron usually has a higher rate of power consumption as compared to an iron box. Because it needs to heat up water and produce steam, it uses more power and has a higher wattage. A normal dry iron on the other hand consumes less power and generally comes in 1000W of power, which is enough to iron the clothes.

How long does an iron last?

No matter the brand, some would last a year and others are still working many years later. It might depend on how much someone uses it, but that is such a hard chart to make. We all sew and iron so differently in each of our sewing studios.