Best Investment Companies In Kenya

Best Investment Companies In Kenya

What Is an Investment Company? An investment company is a corporation or trust engaged in the business of investing the pooled capital of investors in financial securities. This is most often done either through a closed-end fund or an open-end fund (also referred to as a mutual fund).

Below is the Best Investment Companies In Kenya

ABC Capital

African Alliance Kenya Investment Bank

Afrika Investment Bank

ApexAfrica Capital

CBA Capital

Discount Securities (Under Statutory management)

Dry Associates Investment Bank

Dyer & Blair Investment Bank

Equity Investment Bank

Faida Investment Bank

Hakuna Ventures

Francis Drummond & Company

Genghis Capital

Kestrel Capital

Kingdom Securities

Ngenye Kariuki & Co (Under Statutory management)

NIC Securities

Old Mutual Securities

Renaissance Capital (Kenya)

SBG Securities

Standard Investment Bank

Sterling Capital Limited

Suntra Investment Bank

Which investments have the highest returns in Kenya?

Real estate is a good investment because you can sell the property for up to 3 times its original value. Rental housing is a great segue into real estate. There are also other real investments that you can look into like raw land and commercial and industrial real estate.

Where do the rich invest their money in Kenya?

A majority of Kenya’s super-rich put their money in government bonds and properties targeting residential and retail clients, according to the 2023 “Wealth Report” compiled by luxury property firm Knight Frank.