Best Immigration Consultants In Kenya

Best Immigration Consultants In Kenya

An immigration consultant is an advisor who assists people who want to emigrate from one country to another and supports their legal and documentation processes.

Below is the Best Immigration Consultants In Kenya

Biz Brokers Company registration and immigration consultants, Nairobi, Kenya

+254 723 281732

Visa Advisory Services LTD. UK Visa, Canada Visa, USA Visa, Europe Visas

+254 723 445003

Kenya Immigration Consultancy and Assistance

+254 736 613773


+254 724 723740

How do I know if an immigration consultant is legit?

Use the public search register on the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) website to check if your immigration consultant is authorized. Make sure they are licensed and “active.” Click on Find an Immigration Consultant, enter the search entry, and click Search. You can view the search result.

How do I choose a good immigration consultant?

Be wary of consultants who offer cheap services or who promise to get you through your paperwork quickly without proper preparation.

  1. Take a Look at Their Credentials.
  2. Check for Knowledge and Expertise.
  3. Get References.
  4. Check Their Online Reputation.
  5. Interview Your Consultant.
  6. Ask questions about their training and experience.