Best Hospital Plan For Pensioners In Kenya

What is a Hospital Plan?

Hospital plans are medical aids that only cover you in hospital, but they are also usually cheaper. Whereas more comprehensive medical aid options may cost more, in general, they also cover medical needs outside of the hospital.

Best Hospital Plan For Pensioners In Kenya

Is there medical insurance for seniors over 65 in Kenya?

The cover is designed for those aged between 60 to 80 years and their spouses.

What type of insurance is best for seniors?

Best Health Insurance for Retirees and Seniors

  • Best overall: Medicare.
  • Best if you have a low income: Medicaid.
  • Best Medicare Advantage: Humana.
  • Best Medicare Supplement: Plan G from AARP/UnitedHealthcare.
  • Best prescription drug plan: Aetna.
  • Best if you’re under 65: Blue Cross Blue Shield.

How much do you pay for health insurance in Kenya?

AAR medical insurance rates in Kenya

AAR insurance packagesCost as from
SilverKsh. 21,619/-
Silver PlusKsh. 28,009/-
GoldKsh. 56,702/-
PlatinumKsh. 116,797/-

What is post-retirement medical cover Kenya?

Key Features

  • Membership to PRMF is voluntary.
  • Members who join PRMF to contribute a minimum of 1% of their pensionable salary.
  • Periodic reviews are recommended to advise on the suitability of contribution amounts.
  • Retiree purchases the desired level of benefits.
  • Medical benefits are dependent on accumulated savings at retirement.

How does medical insurance work in Kenya?

The National Hospital Insurance Fund is a government-run medical insurance service, developed to offer universal healthcare for all Kenyans.

All employed persons in Kenya are required to be members of the fund. Lifestyle – to decide on the amount of sum assured you need to have in your policy.

How much is the post retirement benefit?

The maximum Post-Retirement Benefit amount is equal to 2.5% (1/40th) of the maximum CPP retirement pension.

This is because the Post-Retirement Benefit is generated by a single year’s contributions, rather than all the contributions you made from age 18 until you started collecting your pension.