Best High School Choir In Kenya

What is a High School Choir?

The high school concert choir class is designed for students to apply musical skills as they continue to create and experience music as a musical ensemble.

Best High School Choir In Kenya

Does choir improve your voice?

In any choir, you will strengthen your vocal technique tremendously. Singers are required to work on their intonation, blending their tone, and matching pitch when singing together. Singing in a choir will help you build the stamina to perform and sing for a longer length of time, in a healthy way.1

What makes a singing voice stronger?

Having a healthy voice means having a strengthened voice, without the risk of strain. Proper warm-ups, breathing, vocal exercises and work with a professional can help you to identify issues within your own voice and give you the tools to help improve your vocals to their best.

What makes a voice good for singing?

Well, by starting from the basic principles: good breathing, good support, a feeling of forward clarity and lightness in the voice, a loose throat, a healthy tone onset, and understanding and having an imaginative picture of the vocal space, and … many years of structured vocal training.