Best Hernia Surgeon In Kenya

Who is a Hernia Surgeon?

For hernia repair surgery, you should consult general surgeons who have specialization in performing laparoscopic surgeries i.e., minimally-invasive surgeries.

These doctors are qualified and highly trained in performing laparoscopic surgeries with a maximum success rate.

Best Hernia Surgeon In Kenya

Dr. Yusuf Palkhi, a laparoscopic surgeon in Mombasa, Kenya specializes in helping individuals who ail from the appendix, gallbladder, reflux, hernia repairs, colon, pancreas, spleen, and emergency abdominal surgeries.

What is latest surgery for hernia?

Robotic hernia surgery: During this surgery, a surgeon places robotic instruments inside the abdomen through small incisions. The surgeon uses a computer to control the robotic arms and repair the affected area.

Which hernia surgery is safest?

The main advantages of robotic or laparoscopic hernia repair are lower risk of infection, less postoperative pain, and quicker return to work or normal activities.

These advantages are amplified for patients with hernias on both sides of their abdomens or recurrent inguinal hernias.

Does hernia surgery fix it permanently?

“We used to think that all hernia repairs are pretty durable, and the hernia won’t come back,” Dr. Poulose said. “What we now know is that hernias, especially ventral hernia, can end up as a chronic problem for many patients, with the hernia coming back over time.

How do you permanently fix a hernia?

Once hernias create symptoms such as pain, bowel blockages, enlargement, and so forth, they need to be repaired. This typically is done by closing the hole with strong sutures and then placing a piece of mesh over the area to strengthen the normal tissues of the abdominal wall and help prevent the hole from coming back.

Is hernia 100% curable?

According to professional Hernia doctors, natural treatments are 100% safe and effective to a great extent.

However, while you choose some home remedies to cure Hernia symptoms, it’s necessary to choose the proven and successfully reviewed ones for the best of desired outcomes.