Best Hedge Trimmer In Kenya

What is a Hedge Trimmer?

A hedge trimmer, shrub trimmer, or bush trimmer is a gardening tool or machine used for trimming hedges or solitary shrubs.

Different designs as well as manual and powered versions of hedge trimmers exist. Hedge trimmers vary between small hand-held devices to larger trimmers mounted on tractors.

Best Hedge Trimmer In Kenya

DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 5.0 Ah, 22-Inch (DCHT820P1)

POWERWORKS XB 20V 20-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer, Battery and Charger Not Included HTP301

WORX WG209 Hedge Trimmer and Pruner Slim Body Design, 4-Amp

Which is the best battery or electric hedge trimmer?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Electric trimmers are cheap and easy to use but are constrained by the length of the cord. 

Cordless models give greater freedom but only last as long as the battery charge. Petrol hedge trimmers are the most powerful, but are noisy and need regular maintenance.

How long can you use a hedge trimmer for?

As such, we recommend sharpening after every 50 hours of use or so, to ensure consistent cutting performance and to enable you to enjoy your hedge trimmer for a long time to come.

You can also find all the important information you need about sharpening your hedge trimmer in the operating instructions.

How long will a battery-powered hedge trimmer run?

Fortunately, hedge trimmers use less power than cordless electric lawnmowers and leaf blowers, so most battery-powered hedge trimmers have 30 to 80 minutes of runtime.

What are the risks of hedge trimmers?

Shearing – The exposed moving blades on the hedge trimmer present a risk to the operator’s hands and fingers. Ergonomics – The use of the equipment may involve repetitive body movements and awkward positions. Noise from equipment in use. Hot/cold and wet weather.

Do hedge trimmers need oil?

For best operation and longer blade life, lubricate the hedge trimmer blade with a lightweight machine oil before and after each use.

Do not lubricate while the hedge trimmer is still connected to the battery or running. Some models require harder-working lubricant.

Is it safe to use an electric hedge trimmer in the rain?

Don’t Trim Your Hedges in Wet Weather

You may notice that the job you do in wet weather is not as great as the one you do in dry weather. What’s more, electric hedge trimmers are not safe to operate around moisture. Because, as you probably know, electricity and water are not a match made in heaven.