Best Hand Cream In Kenya

What is a Hand Cream?

Hand creams are a high–viscosity product specifically designed to be used on the hands, to soften and moisturize dry and cracked hands.

The high viscosity of the hand cream means that they have a higher percentage of oil as compared to water.

Best Hand Cream In Kenya

Nutrashine Hand Foot Cream-Softening, Moisturizing

Queen Elizabeth Hand and Body Cream

Fruit of Wokali Hand Cream

Is there a cream to make your hands look younger?

To stimulate collagen production so skin is less translucent, use a glycolic or retinol cream, such as Chantecaille Retinol Hand Cream ($80; Next level: Apply a prescription-strength topical, like Retin-A (which will also improve skin tone and texture).

Is Nivea good for your hands?

NIVEA Creme is perfect to use as a body creme, a hand creme, and a daily face moisturizer. For a little extra care, apply NIVEA moisturizing cream to the roughest areas, such as knees, feet, and elbows. This dry skin moisturizer is great for intensive moisturizing skincare needs.