Best Hair Relaxer In Kenya

What is a Hair Relaxer?

A relaxer is a type of lotion or cream generally used by people with tight curls or very curly hair which makes hair easier to straighten by chemically “relaxing” the natural curls.

The active agent is usually a strong alkali, although some formulations are based on ammonium thioglycolate or formaldehyde.

Best Hair Relaxer In Kenya

Mizani Butter Blend Relaxer Medium Normal Kit

Some relaxers can really dry out your hair, which is basically a recipe for disaster (especially if your hair is naturally a bit parched).

But this hair relaxer is packed with a hydrating blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, and honey, giving your hair a shot of moisture that’ll last long after you rinse it out.

Just For Me No-lye Regular Conditioning Creme Relaxer Kit

Even though this hair relaxer is technically for kids, trust me when I say it works just as well on adult hair. Because this relaxer is no-lye, the active ingredient is calcium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide. No-lye relaxers are perf if you want something a little gentler or if you have a sensitive scalp.

This hair relaxer isn’t harsh on your hair, but it’s still strong enough to leave your texture straighter. It also comes packed with all the goods—coconut milk, shea butter, vitamin E, and sunflower oil—to give you extra protection from dryness and breakage

Avlon Affirm Fiberguard Sensitive Scalp Relaxer

FYI, it’s 2020 and scalp irritation is no longer a necessary evil that comes with getting your hair relaxed. This one gets the job done, while also being super gentle on your scalp. Plus, it doesn’t have that intense chemical smell, so it’s truly a win-win.

Ors Olive Oil No-Lye Normal Hair Relaxer

Hair relaxers can come at a steep price (I mean, they are pretty intense chemicals, so it makes sense) but you can still find a quality relaxer for basically no money. And because olive oil is the MVP in this product’s formula, you won’t have to sacrifice any softness or moisture to get your hair straight.

SoftSheen-Carson Dark and Lovely Healthy-Gloss No-Lye Relaxer

Say it with me: No more relaxers that suck the life out of your hair. This formula reads like a recipe for healthy, moisturized hair—there’s protein, shea butter, avocado oil, and jojoba oil to give you the glossy look you’re going for. Plus, this kit comes with a shine cream and silk keratin serum to keep your hair shiny for days.

How much is hair relaxer in Kenya?

Buy Nice & Lovely Super Hair Relaxer 140ml Online - Carrefour ...

KES 250.00(Inc. VAT

Which relaxer is stronger?

The amount of active chemical (sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide) determines the strength of the relaxer. Regular is for most people with normal hair, super for very coarse or resistant hair, and mild for fine, damaged or over-porous hair.

How much is dark and lovely relaxer in Kenya?

KES 950.00

KES 950.00(Inc. VAT)

Only 9 left! Our Moisture Seal conditioners replenish every hair strand with incredible moisture for healthy shine and softness.

How long does dark and lovely last?

up to 8 weeks

Shiny and Silky: This permanent non-drip hair color with up to 100 percent gray coverage helps protect colored hair from breakage and leaves hair Shiny and Silky with luxurious, rich color lasts for up to 8 weeks.