Best Hackers In Kenya

Who is a Hacker?

A hacker is a person skilled in information technology who uses their technical knowledge to achieve a goal or overcome an obstacle, within a computerized system by non-standard means.

Best Hackers In Kenya

Justin O

Stephen K

Josphat S

Lester O

Has Kenya been hacked?

A major cyber-attack that caused an outage of more than 5,000 public services in Kenya for more than 48 hours while disabling Internet-based and mobile payment platforms has exposed the growing threat of payment service disruptions to the economy.

How much is an ethical hacker paid in Kenya?

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Jobs by Salary

Job TitleRangeAverage
Cyber Security AnalystRange: KSh 0 – KSh 0 (Estimated *)Average:KSh 1,711,115
Cyber Security EngineerRange: KSh 0 – KSh 0 (Estimated *)Average:KSh 1,350,000
Network AdministratorRange:KSh 0 – KSh 0 (Estimated *)Average:KSh 1,145,000