Best Grass For Horses In Kenya

What is a Grass For Horse?

Other warm-season grass species that horse owners might consider feeding include dallisgrass, pearl millet, and crabgrass.

Examples of cool-season perennial grasses used for pastures or hay include orchardgrass, timothy, and Kentucky bluegrass; cool-season annual options include wheat, rye, ryegrass, and oats.

Best Grass For Horses In Kenya

What is the best grass to grow for horses?

1. Grazing perennial cool-season grasses. In multiple research studies, we found that horses prefer Kentucky bluegrass with a lesser preference for orchardgrass when planted by themselves. 

What is the fast-growing grass in Kenya?

Kikuyu grass Pennisetum clandestinum is a very fast-growing lawn grass that is common in Kenya. A native grass in Kenya, it has been introduced to many countries in the world.

What kind of grass is used in Kenya for animal feed?

Sorghum and maize are considered the best as they can be cultivated for grains and green fodder. Co-4 grass is a high-yielding variety and contains about 11 percent protein content.

Brachiaria is a better alternative animal feed that has a higher crude protein than nappier grass.

Which grass is high in protein for cattle in Kenya?

Brachiaria grass is a good feed component for weaner heifers because of its high protein content.

Research shows the grass ranges in crude protein content from five to 20 percent, depending on the strain of the grass, how it is cultivated, and the stage of growth at which it is harvested.