Best Grass For Goats In Kenya

What is a Grass For Goat?

Some best grass for goats are Alfalfa, Bahiagrass, Bromegrass, Clover, Fescue, Millet, Ryegrass, Timothy etc.

Best Grass For Goats In Kenya

What is the fastest-growing grass for goats?

Millet. Millet is a very fast-growing grass. If left alone, it will grow fast and reach 40 to 50 inches within 60 to 90 days. It’s an annual grass and a productive choice for producing winter hay for your goats.

What is the best fodder for goats?

Choosing the right fodder for your goats is essential to their health and well-being. Goats enjoy common green forages such as Lucerne, Berseem, Napier Grass, and Cowpea. These options provide a good source of nutrition and can be incorporated into a diet.

Is grass good for goats?

Goats are natural browsers and their ideal home has a pasture with a variety of grass, woody plants and weeds. Blackberry, salmonberry as well as alder, fir and maple trees are some of their favorites.

Is millet good for goats?

Pearl millet is a useful energy feed for mature, but not for growing goats.