Best Fiction Book Set In Kenya

Best Fiction Book Set In Kenya

Below is the Best Fiction Book Set In Kenya

Out of Africa

A Grain of Wheat

Circling the Sun

West with the Night

Petals of Blood

Weep Not, Child

The River Between

The Constant Gardener


Dance of the Jakaranda


The Poisonwood Bible

The flame trees of Thika

Facing Mount Kenya

White Mischief

The River and the Source

It’s Our Turn to Eat

When Stars Are Scattered

Wizard of the Crow: A Novel

Wangari’s trees of peace

Coming to birth

A Long Way Gone

Cutting for Stone

How Beautiful We Were

What are the current set books in Kenya?

KCID approved two mandatory set books for 2022 until 2026.

  • Fathers of Nations by Paul B. Vitta. …
  • The Samaritan by John Lara. The new play from the rest of the world introduced into Kenyan schools is The Samaritan, written by John Lara and published by the Kenya Literature Bureau.

How do you read and understand setbooks?

Remember, read, read, and read. Read some other books by the author of the set book if one wishes to understand the specific author’s narrative style and language use – which might eventually be quite useful in interpreting the story. After reading and rereading, make personal notes on the text/story.