Best Fibre Network Operators In Kenya

Best Fibre Network Operators In Kenya

Internet Service Provider Choice

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  • Faiba price.
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  • Liquid Telecom.
  • Safaricom.
  • Telkom.
  • Zuku fibre.

Which is the strongest network in Kenya?

Speedtest Intelligence® reveals that among top mobile operators in Kenya in Q3 2022, Safaricom delivered the fastest median download speed at 22.19 Mbps.

What is the fastest Wi Fi in Kenya?

5 Fastest Internet Providers in Kenya Ranked - IT News Africa ...

Kenyan ISPs Ranked by Fastest Fixed Broadband Internet Speed:

  • AccessKenya.
  • Unwired Communications Limited.
  • Telkom.
  • Safaricom.

Where do ISP get their internet in Kenya?

If you want to offer reliable internet services, you need an upstream fibre connection. As a wholesaler, you will buy these services from companies like Safaricom, Zuku or Jamii Telecommunications Limited. Alternatively, you can go for dedicated internet access from data centres.

How much is fiber internet in Kenya?

Unlimited internet for a month40 MbpsKshs. 5,250
Unlimited internet for a month65 MbpsKshs. 10,500
Unlimited internet for a month90MbpsKshs. 15,750
Unlimited internet for a month140MbpsKshs. 21,000

Does Kenya have fast internet?

Regarding internet speed alone, Kenya’s mobile internet ranks higher than fixed broadband in the global ranking, operating at 24 Mbps/s (94th globally). Meanwhile, the fixed broadband internet comes 101st (19.4 Mbps/s).