Best Fertility Pills To Get Pregnant In Kenya

Best Fertility Pills To Get Pregnant In Kenya

These are the most useful fertility drugs in Kenya:-

Clomid and Serophene:-

Due to its enormous benefit, Clomid is highly essential and useful drug to fight infertility.  The fertility drugs have been used for almost 40 years in the market. Clomid is primarily prescribed by the doctor if a woman is failed to ovulating normally. The Clomid helps o cause hypothalamus or pituitary gland to release the hormone called FSH. These hormones help to generate healthy egg into the ovaries. These essential drugs are used with other fertility treatment or artificial insemination.


Is well-known fertility drugs in Kenya which are used treatment when a woman suffering from ovulation disorder or unexplained infertility. However, the treatment is highly useful for the certain case of breast cancer.

Injectable gonadotropin:-

It is fundamentally two hormones one is called luteinizing hormone and FSH, the hormone is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain which helps further to stimulate the ovaries to generate follicle. And a follicle containing an egg. However, with most of the people, FSH is used. Woman those who are not able to produce a baby is encouraged to used gonadotropin. Which helps to increase chances of pregnancy in a woman. Before taking these essential drugs, the doctor advised fixing an appointment for the evaluation in order to determine the best treatment to the couple. and the test includes the entire physical test such as blood test, semen analysis, history of the couple.

GnRH fertility drugs:-

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone is also one of the best fertility drugs is used for the treatment of infertility. it does posses less risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome than HMG. With the existing fertility drugs, which may use for the treatment of infertility the drugs should be used once it is examined by the doctor on the study of her physical condition. Otherwise, it may result in poor health and bad consequences as well.

Fertility drugs do possess numerous side effects including:-

  • The continuous use of fertility drugs may cause bloating, headache, upset stomach.
  • By using regular fertility drugs you may incur a chance of multiple pregnancies like twins and triples
  • While taking these fertility drugs you may increase the chance ovarian hyperstimulation

So it is highly advisable to all the couple, who are undergoing with any kind of fertility drugs treatment, it is better to take advice from the doctor in order to avoid any major health issue.