Best Fertiliser For Spinach In Kenya

Best Fertiliser For Spinach In Kenya

Spinach requires a moderate amount of fertilizer application to grow well. A general fertilizer application of NPK 20-20-20 at the rate of 50 kg/acre is recommended. The fertilizer should be applied at planting time and then again when the plants are about 20 cm tall.

Which is the best fertilizer for spinach?

What is the best fertilizer for spinach? - Gardening Channel

Once your spinach plants are established, you can use a balanced fertilizer. A fertilizer with a bit more nitrogen might work even better. Something like 10-10-10 is successful, but a 15-10-10 is preferred. Before planting, use a granular fertilizer.

How do you make spinach grow faster?

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Spinach grows best in well-drained soils with high organic matter content. Spinach has a deep root, so the soil should be worked to at least 8 to 10 inches. Dig the soil in early spring when it is dry enough not to stick to garden tools. Break up large loose and remove trash and weeds.

What NPK does spinach need?

Apply ¼ cup per 10 feet of row of a nitrogen-based fertilizer (21-0-0) 4 weeks after transplanting or at thinning to encourage rapid plant growth. Place the fertilizer to the side of the plants and irrigate it into the soil.