Best Fertiliser For Kikuyu Grass In Kenya

Best Fertiliser For Kikuyu Grass In Kenya

An established Kikuyu lawn will benefit from fertilizing with a feed containing high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus. Apply Scotts Lawn Builder™ Seed and feed Kikuyu Lawn Seed in early Spring and early Autumn to encourage fresh, lush green grass growth.

What is the best fertilizer for Kikuyu?

Kikuyu responds dramatically to nitrogen fertilizers. We recommend the use of slow-release fertilizers such as Yates Buffalo PRO. The dense turf resists weeds, insects, and disease. Although, at one time, kikuyu seed could not be purchased.

How do you encourage Kikuyu’s growth?

Only water if the grass is dry and wilted. Fertilise regularly: Fertilising your Kikuyu grass regularly will help promote healthy growth and maintain its vibrant green color. It responds well to fertilizer with high amounts of nitrogen.

What are the nutrient requirements for Kikuyu grass?

Factsheet - Kikuyu

Kikuyu responds strongly to applied P and N and these are usually the limiting nutrients. Soil N should be supplied as spring and autumn dressings of 50-100 kg/ha or through the legume component. P should be applied to maintain soil P levels at or above 15 ppm.

What is the best fertilizer for lawn grass growth?

Best Fertilizer For Lawns

  • Scotts Lawn Builder Grub & Insect Lawn Fertiliser 4kg.
  • Yates Buffalo Pro Lawn Fertiliser 2.5kg.
  • Munns Golf Course Lawn Fertiliser 10kg.
  • Searles Fertiliser Lawn Food 5Kg.
  • Scotts Lawn Builder Extreme Green Fertiliser 2.5kg.
  • Scotts Handy Fertiliser Spreader.