Best Female DJ In Kenya

Best Female DJ In Kenya

Here is a comprehensive list of DJs in Kenya whose irresistible skills behind the turntable are quite a show.

  • DJ Redbone.
  • DJ Dii. Deejay DII.
  • DJ Lisney. Deejay Lisney.
  • DJ Mellow. DJ Mellow Kenya.
  • DJ Tabz. Deejay TABZ.
  • DJ Pierra Makena. DJ Pierra KENYA.
  • DJ Malaika. DJ Malaika.
  • DJ Shanize. Deejayshanizekenya.

Who is the number one DJ in Kenya?

Best DJs in Kenya of all time -

DJ Joe Mfalme is not only the top DJ in spinning skills but also in payment. He charges $1,500-$2,000 for corporate gigs and has most of his weekdays booked. He is without a doubt one of the top-paid DJs in Kenya. He also has a website where he posts his mixes so that his followers can download them for free.

Who are the Big Five DJs in Kenya?

The most recent showbiz formation has adopted the name The Big 5, a term coined by hunters of animals that were considered as most difficult to subdue. The group comprises DJ Joe Mfalme, DJ Crème de la Crème, Kriss Darlin and sandwiched among the gents is popular female DJ, Pierra Makena.

Who is the most-paid DJ in Kenya?

Who Are The Highest Paid Deejays in Kenya? - The Standard ...

Who Are The Highest Paid Deejays in Kenya?

  • By Geoffrey Korio.
  • Joe Mfalme.
  • Sammy Muraya aka DJ Mo.
  • Kalonje.
  • Hassan.
  • Kriss Darlin.
  • Hypnotic.
  • Pierra.